EXPLODING PLAYERS WITH POTATOES! Season 6 Golden Battlepass Update - EXPLODING PLAYERS WITH POTATOES! Season 6 Golden Battlepass Update

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  1. Your content is awesome I rlly want to calab!!

  2. Me who was playing battle dudes before watching this video

  3. Finally @iHASYOU, a new video!! I have waited so long for it!

  4. I was deleted from this video 😅👏
    (Yee, I was in right game, when IHY played during recording…)

  5. some time ago i started to cheat, i did it because i triggerd me every time someone killed me. on my main acoount i have 6000games and 300 wins, but I guarantee it to you if you will cheat you will not comeback to normal play…

  6. how does IHASYOU have so many skins and potatoes?

  7. I need cash can someone comment and give me some I will sell something good

  8. Its true you have returned i used to looked up to you but now since the break you are no where near as good but as i kept playing i could not keep playingbecause the game is getting so bad but its nice to see you return

  9. yeee
    new surviv vid
    and I remeber when you used to say that your aim is trash

  10. How you know the sell and buy thing in shop get mine it’s heart mythic pls buy mine

  11. Idk if you remember me but I commented 4 years ago lmfao time flies.

  12. yoo he is back since he is back playing surviv i will play too
    You will be able to see me in ur lobbies

  13. ho to get configuratyons T T in guns?

  14. Ahh
    Finally 1 more youtuber notice battledude

  15. guys do u remember when he did mope io videos!

  16. Can you make a video with the youtubeur Paywax beacause he is so strong

  17. omg normal mode reskin for Spring……


  18. que buen jugas yo tambien jugaba asi pero paso un año soy nub hora

  19. Finally someone makes a vid about battle dudes. io

  20. Legend plays and music 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. my first potato mode game: * threw a potato at a random boi * and that potato killed him ._.
    me: wow, potato=nuke
    2 minutes later…
    me: ooh, someone with a cool gun
    me: I will get it >:)
    me: hehe boi * spamming potatoes at him *
    ______<–(don't remember the name) killed you with USAS-12
    me: wait what? how tf did he survive those potatoes?!

  22. i know sv ihavelocity but you are still the best sv-98 no scope ah no one could do that but sadly my surviv is gone its laggy and always crash T^T

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