Eye Crate Only Challenge!! (Woods Mode Edition) + Nothing! - Eye Crate Only Challenge!! (Woods Mode Edition) + Nothing!

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Today I complete the Eye Crate Only Challenge on the new Woods Mode…Sort of. Enjoy!

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  1. It's 100% a win. Just because you had a level 1 backpack doesn't mean you lost. Only thing that made it different was the PKP reloading time, But I mean, if you count that as cheating that's really gae

  2. I never get the pkp 0:((

    1 like=chance to get pkp for m

    U can also not

  3. you're my surviv inspiration… cause that was OP!!!

  4. I dare you to only use bunker drops in this gamemode. Meaning if you reach that eye bunker, only loot in there. If a person DIES in that bunker, you can grab their loot.

  5. This is the most difficult challenge I've ever seen!

  6. I love DopeMope because he loves doing challenges

  7. check this, i got the hammer. i breake a eye crate and found the AWM later, i found the saiga, the best combo ever, and i got rekt by a BAR, .-.

  8. So if you see someone bait you while you're naked, try to "pretend" to open the bunker, they'll eventually try to shoots you as soon as you finish the last button and then reallise it wasn't the right code :dab:

  9. Great video as always HQ content, but stupid challenge to be honest.

  10. You should be able to get a pack every time you do a challenge due to limited space unless you’re gonna do the real challenge then I’d say it’s not cheating

  11. I agree that that counts as a win 👌👌 good job

  12. 5.21 why u need just press F?
    also u can fisting those teslabenches..

  13. Hard challenge defintely with a small scope

  14. Bro props for not raging like those memes

  15. This is like x1 scope challenge, just worse

  16. Wait, can other solo players see the call thingy dope did in the beginning

  17. Im just writing this because i want To remember the Code 5:10

  18. imagine doing the eye crate only challenge with no stone hammer Xd

  19. I'm scared the number of like is 666!!!!! THE DEVIL HAS JOIND THE CHAT!!!👿👿👿😈😈😈

  20. Drop=awm-s. Ninja box=naginata,katana. Eye box =PKP, m9, flare gun.

  21. What about the challenge: kill more, than 3-5 kill leaders… Thinks is "uncompletable" or impossible (゚ο゚人))

  22. i wasnt able to enter the code so i only opened eye crates in normal mode by going to the house bunker and getting the sledgehammer.

  23. I think it is the mega fails challenge.

  24. And… Eeeerm… WTF U DOING??? U failed challenge cuz u took air drop weapons.

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