Eye Crate Only Challenge!! (Woods Mode Edition) + Nothing! - Eye Crate Only Challenge!! (Woods Mode Edition) + Nothing!

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Today I complete the Eye Crate Only Challenge on the new Woods Mode…Sort of. Enjoy!

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Until Morning – Epic Sad Cinematic Music / Royalty Free

Elektronomia – Dreams (Ft. Joseph Feinstein)

Lost Sky – Vision [NCS Release]

NIVIRO – Get My Love [NCS Release]

Vexento – Digital Kiss


  1. Discord you made me see pain :c

    I didn't see the second stream because it was 2:03 in the MORNING

  2. Aye I recognized the music. It's from Electromonia "Dreams"(I was about to use it…)

  3. Yo dopey-you’ll see me as Mr.Primus the wise guy from time to time this is my alt but you probs give zero shiz

  4. I remember watching the live stream when u did this XD

  5. This was one of the dumbest challenges you have ever attempthed

  6. This.was.extreme. You really didn't grab anything(Except the pack), even the healing stuff ;-, Impressssssive

  7. next time when you kill somone take his bag its going to be easier ok? 😉

  8. You can also punch the computers to activate them. It would prevent you from picking up the pack

  9. Now do the "pick up loot no matter what" challenge

  10. Like if every time there is one person alive and he killed you with the king
    of the woods costume😖

  11. is it normal if out of 3 eye crate, i got 3 awms?
    must of been super lucky

  12. But the hammer isn't from eye crate XD

  13. codigo español:

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