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  1. Русский коммент. Интересно, что он тут делает, хмммм…😕

  2. Ever notice how he grabs eveybijd of ammo except for the kind he needs

  3. Gotta say, I think that is one of his best videos ever.

  4. I can see you spend more time on your videos now… At least what it looks like.

    tbh the pizza part is what makes the videdo funny

  5. Hey man are you related to this Minecraft channel called “Little Kelly” because you look like her. Not a hate comment

  6. guys im so lucky i found dual desert eagles from an docks s containers and lvl.3 backpack and M249 and chillete suit and 15 x scope all this founded by south america s docks lol and i kill 26 and im not logged and i won by docks a omg say ir lucky founds in my comment pls


  8. Batrix at minute 4:37 you killed me, but it wasn't a cool kill because I killed someone and you are coming and I don't have any HP.
    Ps. I am a pro and i killed duck and his squad in the first desert event.

  9. How to have blue red green yellow items

  10. The man's team died so he died when you quit the match you are still there but your mates see your not in that match

  11. Pizza!!!!!!!!!!!🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

  12. at the police station: please come in!
    kills 2 people: the store is now closed need to clean up 2 dead bodies
    walks out: oh you want to be the next victim!

  13. Baxtrix got way better than the last time I watched one of his videos

  14. wish i could whitelist channels so i cant see this shit

  15. 1:25 im never gonna get anything…oooo a ghillie suit! Im also pretty sure your tired of people critisizing u so ill stop one more comment CLICKBAIT thats the last critisizing comment

  16. Not sure why I clicked this video I already knew there wasn’t anything in the grill

  17. bro you need to quick switch when you have sniper

  18. bad luck with potatoes:
    me: [breaks potato with hand]
    game: karambit
    me: [breaks another one to not look like a noob]
    game: the cooler karambit
    me: [breaks another]
    game: fists

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