GODMODE *UNLOCKED* 2 in 50 vs 50 - GODMODE *UNLOCKED* 2 in 50 vs 50

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  1. Gg😱😱😝🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑😁

  2. This is useless… Devs already updated Teams' armflags. They can be seen on any team you're playing with

  3. I think you gotta accept the fact the sniper the lone survivor


  5. yeeee we be doing daily uploads now !!! 😍

  6. Ghillie suit trolling in 50 v 50 is so much fun! You should do that in a video

  7. Omg ITS happend to me aswell with AWM in potato mode no idea how Lucky shot♥♥

  8. 4:20 The music got me. One of the many reasons why I watch his epic videos

  9. IHasYou uploading faster than my internet connection

  10. You probably did an epic trick shot because the person you were fighting isn't throwing MRIV grenades 7:45 so it must have been the other person.

  11. I had a game in 50v50 where I grabbed MIRV's and Mines, and I ignited the other team's air drop. I ended up getting 16 from that siege, including the commander and the medic. We only won by 8 players though…

  12. Wtf man impresionado xd wtf que paso?

  13. One of your 🔥🔥🔥 videos
    And plz keep them coming ❤️❤️

  14. the epic carry one was pretty good, if not Ihasyou the red team wont have one

  15. ชาญณรงค์ อิทธิวรากุล says:

    I plays a games mode 50v50 im very fun for this game

  16. Forgive All Your BackStabbers - FAUBS says:

    50v50 always best 🙂

  17. Explanation: your're god himself. lmao, nice vid btw keep it up my man

  18. For me super 90 stronger than sv-98

  19. He did trickshot the guy, but he wasn't that far away.

  20. 2:15 what ihy is basically doing: Exploding the barell so it kills the player and when it kills the player, the player will be subbed to ihy

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