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50 vs 50 is back on! In this update the return of the leader and powerful loot items, including team golden airdrops and airstrikes! There are also some new players on the scene, such as the Bugler, Grenadier and Recon. Previous favourites such as the Lieutenant and Medic are still around too though!

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  1. The system has changed now instead of being lucky you know you get a huge chance for being certain classes. After doing these tasks you have a huge chance getting these classes.
    MarksMan= killing enemy Team Leader (next round)
    Bugler = kiIIing enemy Bugler or lieutenant.
    Lieutenant = Getting the most kills on the game/ server.
    Leader = idk I haven't gotten that far.

  2. Ihasyou it's me ihaveaimbot I PLAYED with u earlier we won u had 9 kills I had 6 ggs bro see u in the next time we play 😎💪

  3. 9:55 unfair 3v1 2 people and leader vs last person (no lone survivr)

  4. Your luck is not enough than me
    My luck=Becoming a medic in 5 game
    Whrn i ask my self to be the leader

  5. I throw mirv grenade myself and that grenade killed leader 😐😐😐😐

  6. I just saw you please join me please

  7. I think this isn't the new 50vs50, where's the bugler?, where's the Lone surviver?

  8. Yesterday on 1 hours i became 2 or 3 times leader 3 times medic 2 times bugler 1 time granadier

    I think i payed

  9. I killed u when u were in my server I was the kill leader

  10. You put that "play nice get rewarded" thing 2 times in a row with the same scenes..

  11. 2:57 oh yeah i got medic after 2-5 seconds of joining a game
    8:21 wow nice explaining dude I understand a lot about that

  12. Rarest combo?
    I got Dual SV 15 scope full level 3 and celestial garb.

  13. IHASYOU……………..u and ihavelocity is the RAREST COMBO ps. Idk if u know him but he is veeryy good a surviv he do really fun meme’s

  14. Y does sitting in a smoke grenade in the ocean make u lieutenant??!!!

  15. I have already seen the cosmic Gameplay

  16. IHASYOU do you ever feel like… feel like… tacos?

  17. Editing Software: How many types of editing do you want?

    IHASYOU: Yes

  18. Red could be a communist army
    Blue could be a capalist army

  19. My story oh litle man oh no evolvt to capatin fuuu

  20. I was there chasing the red leader too!!!!!!!!

  21. u can get leader by throwing a smoke grenade

  22. How finished with cosmic mystic incredible game

  23. Try spoting a mine on that loot bridge

  24. I got leadership the second I spawned 2 times!!

  25. 2:40 not really world record. 1 second later i join a game got commander & lieutenant.

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