- "Grenade to the Face" Compilation - – “Grenade to the Face” Compilation

Corrupt X
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Would you like a Grenade to the Face?

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  1. Corrupt X would u like to throw a greanade to my face?!!?!?!?!??!

  2. We have the same favorite flavor tho.
    The flavor of alone grenading 4 teamers.

  3. Currupt omg i played a game with u i was slywinner1 but at first i thought it was a fake but i saw ur skill and i was like omg and i got hella scared when u got downed but we got the W

  4. __
    ()| <— Grenade >>>>>>>> face —> ( )
    Nice vid XD

  5. Hey CX, do you know of the heavy rock band Heavenly? I only know one of their songs, but its really good. Its called "Prince of the World" by Heavenly.

  6. So Cool!
    its Rare Find Player Like you
    Keep Out The Good Work

  7. lol i want do that to how u good at all games

  8. When you play and you realize you don’t have grenades : Oh shit

  9. Why does the game look like that??

  10. Corrupt X if you see a guy named CDC thats me

  11. Would you like a Grenade to the Face?
    Yeah. better than be depressed 🙁

  12. two number 9's, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra DIP, a number 7, two number 45's, one with cheese, and large soda

  13. LOL you killed me 4hrs ago I was peaceofmind.

  14. i got alot of kills with the grenade but seperated plays

  15. This proves that nudes are the best weapon

  16. I got satisfied about the explosion when the grenade touched and exploded.
    p.s: how long does it take for a grenade when pulled to explode?

  17. Who want some grenade dinner to the face??

  18. Like and sub to corrupt now or i burn ur house

  19. Corrupt X today i killed all team with 1 frag grenade only

  20. im sure if there were a grenade launcher added corrupt X would love it


  22. I once chucked a grenade at the wall so it bounced back to where I was standing
    Then this other guy came while I was cooking a grenade
    So then I scared him into the grenade
    I guess he did want a Grenade to the Face

  23. A "Grenade to the face" compilation?
    Great idea, just give the viewers what they want!

  24. Why the hell does this have 17 dislikes? I like this 'cause not many youtubers show their deaths (In the game not real life) and it's actually funny no offense it help the video in my opinion

  25. you know shits about to go down when corrupt x takes out a grenade

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