SURVIV.IO HIGHEST KILL GAME!! // The Hidden Message (Funny Moments) -

SURVIV.IO HIGHEST KILL GAME!! // The Hidden Message (Funny Moments)

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Like: 2967 Highest Kill Game!! Can you figure out the hidden message?? Enjoy!

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Kevin Macleod – Lobby Time

Malik Bash – Ghosts [NCS Release]

Kevin Macleod – Investigations

Firely Fly – Andromedik

John Kenza – Wicked [NCS Release]

Outro Song
Like Apollo – jimmysquare

family friendly pg clean


  1. i got 28 kills check out my vid if you dont beleive me

  2. lul taught it was 2d pubg not 2d fornite

  3. the best for win is doble pump an double glock

  4., the rather questionable individual. says:

    So y u no play this game much? Pls play this more it become perfect for high kill games.

  5. what is that game not surviv the other one where u can build

  6. I'm definitely super late on watching this video

  7. In the second clip you should've switched to your 2x scope because there was really no point in using the 15x scope anymore.

  8. search up derek fu on youtube and plz subscribe, i'll subscribe to you

  9. i have seen a 15x scop 1 but i have got it 2

  10. why wasn't it showing the level of your backpack? Edit: your aim is messed up for 2 reasons: there is a lot of trees and rocks blocking your aim and you can't move around them fast enough because the enemy will simply see the bullets and move.

  11. вопрос вот я тогда тебя убил в топ 1 когда у твоево калаша короче Ак-47 кончились потроны я тебя тогда убил так ты гад

  12. круто клас кто неверет тому в кглаз. я играть начну с тобой поиграем,вот

  13. вот ты заслужываеш лай

  14. The hidden mesage was featured youtuber Ixplode

  15. for your second game you could of won by switching to your MP220 !

  16. Note to IX: The AK has a bad aim, your aiming is fine

  17. wow just watched this again and surviv looked so weird back then..

  18. "Drop a like if u want more!"

    Uploaded fortnite . .

    Me : walk into mid in Dust 2 with no armor

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