HILARIOUS MANSION TROLL!! | NEW Mansion and Desert Eagle Update - HILARIOUS MANSION TROLL!! | NEW Mansion and Desert Eagle Update

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Like: 352 hilarious trolling in the new mansion, funny moments with the new update, and dominated with the desert eagle, the new gun with this update!

This new update brought the mansion, which brought the desert eagle, but also brought new hiding spots. This lead to some funny trolling! And the desert eagle, which you can only get in the mansion, is actually a pretty overpowered semi-auto if you can aim. With this new desert eagle in, I was able to get some great kills and victories!! Overall the mansion and the desert eagle was a very fun update to play with.

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  1. 2,000 Subscribers! Thanks everyone! I will have a discord coming out soon

  2. Me one troll 50v50 on bomb 19 kill dddd 😀

  3. what server are you playing in? I would love to play with you

  4. 0:10 You're extra lucky. That's not even the crate that's supposed to drop it!

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