Holiday Update! - Messing With People and Snowballs! - Let's Game It Out (Survivio 0.6.9) - Holiday Update! – Messing With People and Snowballs! – Let’s Game It Out (Survivio 0.6.9)

Let’s Game It Out
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We’re checking out the WINTER HOLIDAY UPDATE! Grab some snowballs and let’s troll some folks!

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Check it out on their site:

More on Imagine PUBG, make it an overhead perspective game, and play it in a browser. THAT’S THE BEAUTIFUL SURVIV.IO EXPERIENCE.

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  1. It's pretty clear those people first panic when they lose their stuff, but then realize the snowballs aren't hurting them, so they try to ignore him and pick their stuff back up, which is when he switches out to his guns and just sends them into another match. I love a good underdog story.

  2. Hahaha I think when you lose something three times it no longer really belongs to you

  3. Requesting game download info for like alllllll the games you play, a lot of the games you play seem quite enjoyable, and I've had a few issues trying to find them. Also, congrats on like the new 10k followers since yesterday, dude!

  4. corrupted video ? or just my own problem ?

  5. I watched the first video of this gameplay and I am so happy it's on Google Play! Love this game!

  6. Guys is ther any channel like this I need to watched

  7. About 8-10 years ago I was playing something like pocket Counter Strike 1.6. It was nice.

  8. Josh: "Why did you bring an automatic weapon to a snowball fight?"

  9. Maybe you should go live and play with viewers.

  10. Ha, I finally found a video that has less than 100k. I must be deep in Josh's hole.

  11. Don't Care Didn't Ask Plus Youre Vaxxed says:

    Huh wow. Only 33 comments?

  12. The snowballs !! Bahahaha that’s awesome !! Got to do an update for this Christmas !!!

  13. Pwned by Josh, a.k.a. Santa's Little Helper, and a bag of snowballs.

  14. Watching it 4 years latter when he has almost 5 mil subs and seeing him swearing is so weird

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