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How to be a pro ???? Watch this vid !!!!
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  1. Helps me a lot and i'm not bad now my high kill is 18

  2. i change "switch to other weapon" to right mouse :3

  3. 0:13 yess finally I wanted to gat a little pro since a long time they are so cute

  4. thanks im already in your discord and im trying to get in the tankalty team so i feel like this will help me achieve it so ty a lot 😀 your also the reason i started keep the good work up

  5. One time I was playing surviv with my two cousins when one of them punched a barrel this was me:-_-

  6. remember me? (probably not though) I was in one of your 200 subscriber streams, also great vid (PS: sagia and mini gun are pretty good for beginners… but they are also pretty hard to find (except maybe mini gun)

  7. This was my first game: owns split the diff and sunset

  8. When i quick switch, i use right click. It seems easier to me

  9. mec s'est moi theo je me suis fais un autre conte youtube avec mon pc est oui je me suis abonner a ta chaine donc tu peut t'abonner a la mienne s'il te plait

  10. Change weapon to right mouse is comfortable

  11. Bonne vidéo mais je suis déjà un pro 🤣 Mais merci de donner des conseils aux débutants !

  12. Wow. This really helped. I’m used to getting 4 kills per game, but after watching this, one week later I’m averaging 7 kills a game, with a record of 13.

  13. i discover all this just myself but thanks for the video

  14. Hi! i played for a year. I do all this and more (desync/oc/minetrick) but i have 12 kills. Why?!

  15. this is just basics and getting good, not pro, pro needs time and effort where they have to pracitce movement and go through 1v1 but good job!

  16. Remember, when u see someone spinning around, dont try to kill him, cuz he is a pro lol

  17. OMG thank you very much, thanks to your advice I can already do more than 5 kills!

  18. omg u are a god of this play end thx too help me <3

  19. my first game of surviv i got 5 kills because i looked at the wiki

  20. Oh my god you are also a fan of NEFFEX Like me WOW!

  21. the best guide in the world!!!

  22. P30L and DEagle are broken, I usually average around 8 kills with them if I can find one of them.

  23. what do you mean with change your keys Hmmm can you share your keys

  24. the type of ammo of a weapon is determined by the color of the weapons outline or the circle if you did not already know

  25. I like using an rapied fire weapon with a shotgun

  26. Once I killed a SUPER PRO player with really bad guns lol :3 My tip is that if you want to buy some time to shoot your enemy by cunfusing the enemy I prefer to switching the weapons really fast and when you switch them the enemy should look on how you are switching them and when they are distracted SHOOT THE ENEMY!!

  27. huh? so you switch weapon with space not your actual key fro the gun??

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