SURVIV.IO - How To Get INFINITE AIRDROPS! ( Desert Rain Update) -

SURVIV.IO – How To Get INFINITE AIRDROPS! ( Desert Rain Update)

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SURVIV.IO – How To Get INFINITE AIRDROPS! (Surviv io Desert Rain Update)

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  1. P30L is op i killed 5 Pep but i cant find the gun

  2. What the heck what that howwwwww???????

  3. Sad to the fact that the bug was fixed, so flare guns don't shoot infinitely with the infinite ammo perk.

  4. i want to play together my name is pro from greece

  5. nice stream dude that awsome i gived u a like

  6. No one:

    Absolutely no one:

    Not even hackers:

    iHASYOU: infinite loot yayy

  7. if this this hand is grey iHASYOU never gonna do inother video

  8. Ihasyou you fired 34 airdrops, and the other guy fired 6, so their were in total 40 airdrops


  9. Go to his discord and help him entertain

  10. I finally played with you on a single game…

    Although not a team 😛

  11. IHASYOU I've always played with you in videos on surviv io and not my name is Naurto

  12. I already knew you need the hat flare guns and done keep shooting

  13. I figured that out too! at first i thought it was a glitch but then i realized it was the helmet! LOL

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