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Corrupt X
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Nothing is as good as in 2021. Why not add mines in to make it way more interesting? What about teams? What about the fact that is more dead than ever? We’ll see in this!

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  1. 5:14 I got my friend this for Christmas as a joke hes never worn the shirt :]

  2. 8:18 why can't any1 see mines , I always see mines never have I ever walked over a mine unknowingly

  3. Mines take as much skill to use as the mp220

  4. 2:34 it hurts when I see him not qs to fists after every shot

  5. For me spinning is just make me easier to dodge bullet for some reason.

  6. Surviv still has a decent playerbase, you just have to play at the right time to get ~70 players per match. The playerbase is also spread over the classic gamemode, the daily rotating alternate gamemodes, and between the browser and the steam application.

  7. It's good that you re-uploaded a video I already really missed ♥postscript:
    you're still just as good with grenades but I am disappointed that you use hacks 🙁

  8. One day i played surviv squads in mobile, no players online literally, only me looting everything until i got bored ._ .

  9. Gotta love the good old saiga-12 + any 9mm strategy. Most dependable one imo

  10. sometimes i saw only one player and it was me.

  11. I don't like, the players i shoot at them many times and don't die, but they just kill me with 3 SHOTS of shotgun

  12. you should take snipers more often, especially sv-98, they can became very deadly with a shotgun like spas, but you also need to quick switch

  13. 2:03 That's right, spinning is something that pros would do but a noob spinning is just wrong lol

  14. What!!!!!You use hack !!? /very very disapponted/ :(((

  15. I have thought that I'll sub for you but NO,I WON'T 😡😡😡😡😡

  16. honestly, that game was a somewhat good game imo, died rlly fast

  17. "spinning doenst make you good." Mhm, tell that to godak.

  18. Its good to see you still make videos Corrupt x. Hope you are doing well.

  19. I like your mine strategy of just yeeting them everywhere.

  20. i quit this game for like a year and im still not convinced i can come back

  21. imagine judging surviv by the noobiest player ever

  22. huh, I myself was a CLASSIC player of surviv, aka before grenades and when saiga users reigned supreme before snipers and shotguns the usual, the game has just been updated to the point of too much being not good at all

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