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Corrupt X
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Nothing is as good as in 2021. Why not add mines in to make it way more interesting? What about teams? What about the fact that is more dead than ever? We’ll see in this!

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  1. 9:51 he purposely entered bcz he knew he was gunna die lol common sense

  2. they reason games are dead (atleast more dead) is bcz ur playing with bots like actaul bots lol if u dont have an acc u play with usually 1-3 real ppl and the rest are bots

  3. You need to log in to get in games with the normal playerbase

  4. 2:04 spinning reduces dmg and makes enemy confused , I spin and it gives me wins ppl say spinning means u aim bad but spinning actually makes ur aim better , at least in my case it did corrupt X I love ur vids but u played surviv once and u say its bad like bruh :/

  5. and yes im going to comment all of ur mistakes on this vid

  6. 2:39 DUDE JAPANESE its ez one line = 1 2 lines = 2 3 lines = 3 and that means that the other one is 4 (I know Japanese of from heart but I still think that even if I didnt I would've still ez guessed that 1=1 2=2 3=3 like, simple

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