- Infinite Grenades to the Face - Demo Class ( Trolling with Grenades) - – Infinite Grenades to the Face – Demo Class ( Trolling with Grenades)

Corrupt X
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Like: 213’s Demo Class allows us to have infinite grenades. Do you know what that means? Infinite Grenades to the Face, of course!

Free Songs to use:
Ethan Meixsell – Collision (Track 2)
Ethan Meixsell – Demise (Track 3)
Jingle Punks – Killing With Kindness (Track 5)

Other Music From epidemic Sound () (Tracks 1, 4,)


  1. How does one Bossy#6723 get unbanned from the discord?

  2. Corrupt X content is being better than ever before.

  3. Who needs weapons when you can explode people.

  4. Nice upload CX, im hoping you will see this comment, you have inspired me to create my own yt channel for io games like Please subscribe ;p

  5. Notice demo has a third perk (not shown)

  6. "Yeah lets have this where grenades are infinite"

    Corpt x: So you have chosen…death

  7. When will team killing return? Maze is filled with these:
    Rammers (a LOT)
    Spreadshot (how do you counter this?)
    Teams (ive seen like 5 camping in the middle of the map)

  8. Infinate grenades to the faceee…. How do you do that??

  9. сука


  10. Nice video. I am happy that you use cool and interesting rock/metal instrumentals for your background music as opposed to the overplayed, royalty-free dubstep garbage that many of the other io YouTubers use.

  11. You see, if I were a bad demo man, I wouldn't be here talking right now.

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