is a weird game (survivio funny moments and glitches) - is a weird game (survivio funny moments and glitches)

Ukraines dude
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I have a bunch of random clips that i might as well just dump into one video because why not lol
hoping this will find some new people that want to watch survivio funny moments, survivio glitches, survivio trolling hackers, funny moments, glitches, survivio killing hackers, survivio killing cheaters or survivio secret bunker

Just another quick filler vid lol
anyways another video at the end of this month compiling all of my killing hackers clips will come out, at the end of this month.

Yuero Momther


  1. ur not supposed to die when ur the demo/grenadier when an airdrop land on you

  2. hi. for ur big hacker kill vid: put some clips in, how they killed u, but in reverse, so u can say how gentle they are to revive u 😂

  3. Literal Kong Momento.
    The rainbow blasters are my favourite.
    For people trying to get potato ammo or sort, it sadly does not exist. It's just a variable set to a gun i.e potato cannon (Infinite Rounds).

    Oh about the out of bounds, rounds that still have range go into the void yet explosives do not. Probably they're set in a specific grouping enabling them to go out of bounds

  4. gud fitting music noice clips oh ye and also u can open the police station door from the outside of the building i think

  5. I couldn't think of any good remarks to make about this remarkable video.

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