is officially dead. - is officially dead.

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  1. I am sad😢 surviv io is also my favorite game also

  2. this game was my child hood this is sad…

  3. its not officially dead yet, we still upload videos of ir

  4. This game i played with my sister all the time, sad to see it go.

  5. This game brings back memories of 2020, I miss it so much 😭😭 I still remember the first time my sister showed it to me for the first time it was amazing

  6. Kongregate and Hackers ruined the game 🙁

  7. If these stupid devs weren't too money obsessed, maybe the game would still be thriving with hundreds of players, but NO! THEY DECIDE TO SHUT THE ENTIRE GAME DOWN BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T DO A GOOD JOB MAINTAINING IT AND TRY TO MAKE A WHOLE OTHER GAME THAT'S EVEN WORSE (I tried the stupid new "bit heroes arena." Good luck finding anyone to play with, because it's never gonna happen. Kongregate is so stupid)

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