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Let’s Game It Out
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Don’t let the simple graphics fool you. This game is GREAT, and also Josh’s latest obsession. He plays this so much it’s like he can see the code of the Matrix while he plays.

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More about, from the Wikia page: is a popular top-down Battle Royale game in which players spawn on an island and gear up to fight each other to be the last one standing and win the chicken dinner. As well as having outstanding mechanics and game knowledge, players must choose from a variety of different weapons, armor, clothing, and utility items in order to outplay their opponents and survive. Launched in 2017 by nick (/u/nick_dev on Reddit) and justin (/u/survivio on Reddit).

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  1. Wait why do you guys sound so alike
    Wtf? Is this a joke or are they twins?????

  2. I feel like Josh is maybe "under the mayo'

    Sounding pretty similar

    But I'm also laughing while watching and largely buzzed up….ynoow….. As y do, booze and pills and booze and pilsner

  3. Is that even josh? The real josh would try to bug out a game even before hitting start.

  4. wha the hecc josh is doing something correct?!?

  5. The waggish blouse synthetically hum because hate yearly tour from a obsequious fork. wary, reminiscent venezuelan

  6. I found this game unblocked on my school computer,and I thought they were all bots so I didn’t play,I figured since it looks like a small game there was no way that that many people were online, but I guess this proves me wrong

  7. Why do you switch between two games back and forth? The player names change the whole time through

  8. finally a shooter i dont need directional hearing for!

  9. I'm glad Josh had Aimbot, otherwise I would have been concerned he actually played a game seriously.

  10. Watching these classic let's game it out videos really makes me miss Anthony, hope he is doing well.

  11. i found this uncharted treasure out of nowhere i thought anthony was just an imaginary friend my whole life is a lie.

  12. This was the best version of the game I don't like what they did with it with time

  13. This is how I imagine aliens from the fourth dimension watch us play our 3d shooters

  14. Hope everyone is having a nice day or night! I encourage everyone to get to know Jesus and confess your sins, accept him as your lord and savior and walk with him!

  15. I remember playing this, a long time ago…

  16. Josh: "Put his soul inside you?"
    Anthony: "I'm him now."
    Anthony and Josh made a great team. Twice the laughs!


    – Anthony

  18. I love the intro where he's giving Anthony the controller like "Here man, I totally give up, you try"

  19. Actual representation of Josh at the Josh fight…

  20. This is the only time I've seen Josh play a game correctly

  21. It's so weird seeing Josh being good at a game.

  22. guys got to cover each other lol (retired infantry here)

  23. Huh, the game that I’ve been suddenly getting YouTube ads for…

  24. I like how Josh is acting like this is one of few games he’s good at when most of the stuff he does, his sheer will and skill vastly outnumber any mortal

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