LIGHTSABER - Is This The Most Powerful New Melee Weapon!? (Survivio Lasr Swrds Update) - LIGHTSABER – Is This The Most Powerful New Melee Weapon!? (Survivio Lasr Swrds Update)

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The lasr swrds event brings with it some of the most exciting new items and gameplay.

– Added Space Crate: Contains loot from the Lasr Swrd event.
– Added Lasr Gun: Shots ricochet off of objects and structures.
– Added Lasr Swrd: Passively reflects bullets from the front (but doesn’t reflect when attacking).
– Added Pulsebox: Use to send nearby opponents and items flying.

Play the game:

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  1. Though kong is trying to take out hackers there also killing the game and that's the bigger issue

  2. *Medkits while blocking all bullets in path and is in no range for any grenades: thank you Kongregate! I love the deagles and pan katanas practically everywhere!

  3. When I play normal mode cant even find a axe when I play this mode find 10 pans 4 naginastas 90 katanas 35 hooks

  4. Если ты это перевёл или прочитал то здоровья тебе и твоим близким 👌♥️

  5. 6:49 when the mine didnt kill rainbow man
    iHASYOU: Fine, I'll do it myself

  6. will they add this back? cuz i didnt get to play back then i started playing like november till now

  7. Too bad kong's anticheat skills have gone down , so much for no hackers

  8. Darth Vader: Give yourself to the dark side!
    YouTube subtitles: Beautiful simple adult son.

  9. ez no noobs players my games.8+1+1=10

  10. No Thank You Kongregate, hackers are still there you idiot

  11. good video and blocket sword bullets good

  12. This was kinda my favorite event because I loved how easy it was to win even with just a lightsaber. But of course it's to op and the game must be balanced.

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