LIGHTSABER - Is This The Most Powerful New Melee Weapon!? (Survivio Lasr Swrds Update) - LIGHTSABER – Is This The Most Powerful New Melee Weapon!? (Survivio Lasr Swrds Update)

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The lasr swrds event brings with it some of the most exciting new items and gameplay.

– Added Space Crate: Contains loot from the Lasr Swrd event.
– Added Lasr Gun: Shots ricochet off of objects and structures.
– Added Lasr Swrd: Passively reflects bullets from the front (but doesn’t reflect when attacking).
– Added Pulsebox: Use to send nearby opponents and items flying.

Play the game:

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  1. This Is the funniest update I have ever seen, good player with a lasersaber can survive and kill those annoying teamers and cheaters. Two days ago I played a game where last ten players couldn't kill each other because of the lasersabers, so we decided to not attack each-other until the Red zone covered 99% of the map, in the end It was a war of who could use the pulse better, It was complete chaos, everyone flew everywhere, also se discovered that two people that use at the same moment the pulse begin to turn around like the solar system.

  2. I'm pretty sure I got killed by an aimbotter when I knew that this update had come out.

  3. Does anyone else think that the "laser guns" are WAY too powerful?


  5. added the light saber
    also fortnite:we play with lightsaber was not powerful than surviv
    also surviv:theres no cooldown bullet bounce

  6. i hope surviv add new blaster rifles its damage very op

  7. i a big fan ihasyou if you kill someone that is clone101 thats me

  8. please do a face reveal this is what my face looks like -> 🙂 jk Lol

  9. Wow I liked your video! Hasyou the sword is more like new Arm because I liked it very epic: v

  10. Surviv isn’t supposed to have anything related to Star wars

  11. Even if you hate Fortnite surviv still copies Fortnite guns

  12. In Fortnite they added proximity mines, then surviv adds mines then Fortnite adds lightsabers and a stormtrooper blaster, the. Surviv does a rip-off

  13. At 4:37 it looks like u slammed em on the walls so hard the dude died

  14. You remember me we played some rounds together I’m $ubWAy

  15. I really hate this mode cause if get a lightsaber you just can't die

  16. 10:45 ( in real life) 12.05.2020 i saw ihasyou with cheats ( he's rotated
    and aimed at his enemies) he's nickname is IHASYOU

  17. there is a new bug at the new mode, somehow you can go into the bunker, were you can get the special perk, without that the doors are opened. It worked at me. You just have to stand at the door at the top and try to get in and maybe punch a bit. I also saw it working at other players, so it is really possible. You should try out that bug.

  18. even after the update their is still hackers that i see just a lot less which is good

  19. THANK YOU KONGREGATE For Delete Gun Skin And Loadout Tab (R I P)

  20. YOOO im iHASAIM on surviv i’ve played with you so many times

  21. late, but: um i know its pointless but I always choose red over blue or green :/

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