M1 Garand + 15x Scope Gameplay!! - Hook Only Challenge! ( Gameplay) - M1 Garand + 15x Scope Gameplay!! – Hook Only Challenge! ( Gameplay)

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Today I find an M1 Garand and a 15x scope in the same game. I also complete the no scope challenge and do some other fun stuff. Enjoy! I always appreciate constructive criticism so put your HONEST opinion on this video and my channel as a whole in the comments.

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  1. hey guess what im better than all of you ive killed ninja about 500 times

  2. Dopey i played survivio yesterday and named myself Luke Pokewalker and then played a solo squad got to the end and lost to a 3v1 what are the odds that the ona that killed me was named Darth Vader

  3. Very, very nicee. Who is the worst by playing surviv? (youtubers) i think Nation XDD

  4. <3 Hopefully we actually can get a 1v1 next time, was fun 🙂

    If you're reading this sub to my YT reeeeeeeeeeee


  5. Hi. I like, and I think i'm pretty good at it. Would you be interested in playing Duos with me sometime? Thank you

  6. I knew all those hours of double semi auto sniper practice would come in handy.

  7. Remember what I said about M1 Garand being godly in discord DopeMope?

    What did I tell ya?

  8. Доп, позязя) Сделай 2 летающего дропа в одном месте. Просто стрельнул, и второй пушкой ещё раз. Я знаю что ты русский)0)

  9. W.T.H.W.I.D.M.S.F.G.A.S.I.W.I.C.B.T.G.

    Bet u don’t know what the acronym means.

  10. If you were playing squads last night with some other pros I think I was in your game, I was soloing squads and got 9 kills before I got killed. There was Corrupt, (TD) DopeMope, I think iHASYOU (I forgot), then one more TD person. Could be fake tho xD

  11. When you thought you were watching not a bot's video and after you finish the video, you realized that it was DopeMope's video

  12. You're a great guy!!
    Make more videos!))
    Good luck in growth))

  13. Love the content!! One day I would love to play with you dope dope, but I know that that will never ever happen,😅🙄😪😫😱😰😨😵😱. Love the vids!

  14. You got a new computer. Your fps looks high

  15. Finally someone who dosent use freak show as backround music Like if u agree

  16. Hi who can tell me which video editor program he used?

  17. I love how to music actually matches, unlike Corrupt X.

  18. DopeMope i am pro in surviv
    like you

  19. He killed the guy with AWM like an afterthought…

  20. # Changelog

    ## [Unreleased]
    – Rivers.
    – Cities.
    – Mobile apps.

    ## [0.5.1] – Aug. 13, 2018
    – Added support for input rebinding.
    – Due to default browser handling of specific keys, the following keys are disabled from binding: Control, Shift, Alt, Windows Key, Context Menu, and all function keys.
    – Individual Interact actions (Revive, Open/Use, Loot) can be bound to their own keys.
    – Added keybindable actions: Equip Previous Scope, Equip Next Scope, Equip Other Gun, and Hide UI. These actions are unbound by default.
    – Keybinds can be shared through the "Share" option in the main menu keybinding screen.

    ## [0.5.03] – Aug. 11, 2018

    ### Balance
    – AWM-S now has a 5-shot magazine.
    – Greatly increased reload time of AWM-S.

    ## [0.5.02] – Aug. 3, 2018
    – Maps now support multiple air drop pings.
    – Fixed an issue where air drop crates could overlap.

    ### Balance
    – AWM-S now has a 1-shot magazine.
    – Decreased reload time of AWM-S.
    – Decreased damage of AWM-S.
    – Slightly increased QBB-97 shot spread.
    – Decreased QBB-97 drop rate.

    ## [0.5.01] – July 29, 2018
    – Knives now deal slightly more damage than fists.
    – Fixed an issue where the air drop chute could disappear.

    ## [0.5.0] – July 26, 2018
    – Added air drops.
    – Added new weapons: QBB-97 light support weapon, M1 Garand semi-automatic rifle, AWM-S bolt-action sniper rifle, and flare gun.
    – Added melee weapons: knives, wood axe, hook, and pan.
    – Ammo crates can now be destroyed by the wood axe. Ammo crates contain basic ammo, with a small chance of spawning special ammo.
    – Added new skins: Falling Star and Celestial Garb.

    ### Balance
    – Slightly decreased SCAR-H drop rate.

    ## [0.4.32] – July 21, 2018
    – The "High Resolution" setting now lowers texture resolution when unchecked.

    ## [0.4.31] – July 14, 2018
    – Optimized client load time and performance.

    ## [0.4.3] – July 1, 2018
    – Added ability to switch gun slots. Press the T key or drag a gun to the other slot to switch the positions of the guns.
    – Added anonymized player name option. Option can be enabled/disabled through the main menu settings.
    – Fixed an issue where armor would sometimes not properly reduce fist damage.

    ### Balance
    – Slightly decreased range of M870, MP220, and Saiga-12.
    – Slightly lowered adrenaline duration and move speed bonus.
    – Slightly decreased bandage use time.

    ## [0.4.2] – June 21, 2018
    – Added new buildings: conch bunker, hut.
    – Added new obstacles: fire extinguisher, pot.
    – Added new skin: Island Time.
    – Added new weapon: SPAS-12 shotgun.
    – Added additional emotes.
    – Added player kick option to team menu.

    ## [0.4.1] – June 12, 2018
    – Added match histories to
    – Adjusted some leaderboard and player stat categories.
    – Added kill counter to large map display.
    – Account avatar will pulse if not set.

    ### Balance
    – Safe zone circles are now more likely to move towards the edges of the map.
    – Desert Eagle now spawns with 7 more rounds (total 56).
    – Slightly lowered Saiga-12 drop rate.
    – Slightly lowered adrenaline duration and move speed bonus.

    ## [0.4.0] – June 2, 2018
    – Added accounts.
    – Reset leaderboards and added account stat tracking.
    – Added stat tracking site at
    – Added new area: docks.
    – Added new buildings: blue warehouse, green shack.
    – Added new obstacles: closed container, bollard.
    – Added new skins: Coral Guise, Aquatic Avenger.
    – Added new weapon: SV-98 bolt-action sniper rifle.
    – Added additional emotes.
    – Desert Eagle ammunition now displays in loot UI when owned.
    – Optimized texture loading to reduce hitching.

    ### Balance
    – Shotgun headshot multiplier decreased. Shotgun base damage increased to compensate.
    – Mosin headshot multiplier decreased. Mosin base damage increased to compensate.
    – Slightly decreased drop rate of Level 3 helmet and Level 3 chest armor.

    ## [0.3.6] – May 10, 2018
    – Added new building: hydra bunker.
    – Added new obstacles: sliding doors, vat, computer terminal, power box.
    – Added new weapon: Vector submachine gun.
    – Added a reverb sound filter when underground.
    – Added list of proxy sites.

    ### Balance
    – Slightly decreased range of all shotguns.
    – Lowered drop rate of MP220.

    ## [0.3.5] – Apr. 26, 2018
    – Added new building: mansion.
    – Added new obstacle: soda machine.
    – Added new weapon: Desert Eagle. The Desert Eagle is first shot accurate. The Desert Eagle uses .50 AE ammo which only spawns with the gun and does not appear with regular ammo in the UI.
    – Added additional emotes.
    – Added a sound when players join team and game window is not focused.
    – Fixed various UI issues for tablet users.
    – Improved audio performance.

    ### Balance
    – Greatly increased damage of frag grenades against obstacles.
    – Decreased all shotgun damage at maximum ranges.
    – Decreased effectiveness of Level 2 and Level 3 chest armor.
    – Slightly decreased drop rate of MP220.
    – Very slightly decreased drop rates of rare guns (FAMAS, Mk 12, SCAR-H, DP-28, M39 EMR, Mosin Nagant, Saiga-12).
    – Slightly increased chance of loot to appear in beach areas.
    – Slightly decreased bandage use time.

    ## [0.3.41] – Apr. 18, 2018
    – Fixed audio issues in the latest version of Chrome.
    – Optimized client performance.

    ## [0.3.4] – Apr. 10, 2018
    – Added new building: police station.
    – Added new weapon: SCAR-H assault rifle.
    – Added localization for Japanese.
    – Added additional emotes.

    ## [0.3.3] – Apr. 6, 2018
    – Added mobile compatibility.
    – Client and server optimizations.

    ## [0.3.21] – Apr. 2, 2018
    – Removed seasonal obstacle: egg.

    ## [0.3.2] – Apr. 1, 2018
    – Added seasonal obstacle: egg.
    – Added additional emotes.
    – Optimized client and server performance.

    ### Balance
    – Decreased rate of fire of M9 and M9 duals.
    – Slightly decreased drop rate of MP220.

    ## [0.3.1] – Mar. 23, 2018
    – Added new weapon: smoke grenade.
    – Grenades now bound to 4. Press the 4 key to cycle through available grenades.
    – Added new weapon type: dual pistols. Loot an additional copy of an already owned pistol to create dual pistols. When dropped, dual pistols will separate back into individual pistols.
    – Added new building: bank.
    – Added item on-use sounds.
    – Added volume sliders to the main-menu config and the in-game menu.
    – Added a spectator count above the minimap.
    – Left/right arrow keys are now bound to spectate previous/next teammate.

    ### Balance
    – Slightly decreased reload time of OT-38.

    ## [0.3.0] – Mar. 14, 2018
    – Added Squads (4-person) team mode.
    – Added additional emotes.
    – Leaderboards can now be sorted by game mode. "Most kills" category is sorted by team; all other categories sorted individually.
    – Minimap is now semi-transparent and reveals slightly more of the map.
    – Removed minimal HUD mode.
    – Optimized client performance.

    ### Balance
    – Slightly decreased damage of punch against players.

    ## [0.2.61] – Mar. 3, 2018
    – Added additional flag emotes.
    – Fixed shack and outhouse wall images.
    – Fixed various translation issues.

    ## [0.2.6] – Mar. 2, 2018
    – Added two new buildings: barn and red house.
    – Added new building features: windows and doors. Windows can be broken and shot through, but cannot be moved through. Doors can be opened by pressing F, or by punching them.
    – Added five new building obstacles: drawers, cabinet, table, refrigerator, and oven.
    – Added emote customization. The emote loadout screen can be accessed by clicking the icon next to the name input field in the main menu. In addition to the main emote wheel, players can customize two triggered emotes: on-win (chicken) and on-death (skull and crossbones).
    – Added localization for Turkish.

    ## [0.2.5] – Feb. 20, 2018
    – Added four new weapons: FAMAS assault rifle, M416 assault rifle, Mk 12 SPR designated marksman rifle, and [REDACTED].
    – Added localization for Italian.
    – Fixed various translation issues.

    ### Balance
    – Slightly increased damage of AK-47.
    – Decreased accuracy of AK-47.
    – Increased drop rate of UMP9.
    – Decreased damage and accuracy of UMP9.
    – Increased rate of fire of M39.

    ## [0.2.4] – Feb. 8, 2018
    – Added new weapon: frag grenade.
    – Added new obstacle: grenade box.
    – Added communication wheels. Team pings bound to C hold, right mouse hold, drag, and release. Emotes bound to right mouse hold, drag, and release.
    – Added localization for Traditional Chinese, Danish, and Polish.
    – Fixed various translation issues.
    – Added minimal HUD mode. V key now toggles between HUD visiblity modes.

    ## [0.2.3] – Jan. 30, 2018
    – Added localization for eight languages: German, Spanish, French, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, and Simplified Chinese.
    – Added new gun: G18C pistol.
    – Added previous weapon swap key, hotkeyed to Q.
    – Added medical item keys, hotkeyed to 7 through 0.
    – Scroll wheel now cycles weapons instead of scopes.
    – After being revived, scope zoom will assume the level it was before being downed.
    – Fixed an issue where dropping a weapon would always put the player in melee mode.
    – Optimized server performance.

    ## [0.2.2] – Jan. 23, 2018
    – Added ocean to map border.
    – Added new obstacle: hedgehog.
    – Added new obstacle: treasure chest.
    – Added new gun: UMP9 submachine gun.
    – Heavily optimized server performance.
    – Fixed an issue where spectate mode failed to engage or switch players.
    – Fixed an issue where players could have reduced health after reviving another player.

    ## [0.2.1] – Jan. 20, 2018
    – Optimized client performance.
    – Fixed an issue where players could get visually stuck in a reviving pose.
    – Fixed an issue where dying after a win could result in rank #0.
    – Fixed an issue where selecting "No Fill" would still autofill a teammate.
    – Fixed display issues related to the backpack.

    ## [0.2.0] – Jan. 17, 2018
    – Added Duo (2-person) team mode.
    – Increased map size.
    – Added option to drop items (right-click item to drop).
    – Added option to view personal stats while spectating.
    – Added two new skins: Cobalt Shell and Key Lime.

    ### Balance
    – Slightly increased damage of m39.
    – Slightly decreased reload time of ot38.
    – Increased backpack capacity for all ammo typ

  21. m1 garand is not bad but i don't like it cuz WHEN I FIND GOLDEN AIRDROP AND DON'T SEE AN AVM S

  22. when u see 5:11 get 2.5 speed then see slow there is two awms in one game xD

  23. comment me if you have do a victory whit the saiga

  24. I just said "i should do no scope challenge" then it showed no scoped challenge.

  25. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis says:

    This is my favourite gun

  26. I think you are the best players y see

  27. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis says:

    I got the m1 garland and 15x scope out of the same golden air drop 1 time …

    I died 15 seconds later

  28. would have been great without the shitty music

  29. you still gotta improve your aim to land more shots on moving targets

  30. nice video man,
    and also nice gameplay too
    give this comment a heart dude.

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