Mine Airdrop Bait!! New Star Wars Mode, Light Sabers, Pulse Boxes, and More! - Mine Airdrop Bait!! New Star Wars Mode, Light Sabers, Pulse Boxes, and More!

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Like: 533 Mine Airdrop Bait!! New Star Wars Mode, Light Sabers, Pulse Boxes, and More!
Today I show off the new Star Wars mode in surviv…Enjoy!


Diamond Eyes – Everything [NCS Release]

Jim Yosef – Can’t Wait (feat. Anna Yvette) [NCS Release]

Jensation – Delicious [NCS Release]


  1. Nice! i love spamming pulse box till i cant see my oppenent no more LOL i just push them into red zone Lmfao i make it a heal battle lol

  2. Game is for recruiting terrorists and installs spyware

  3. ihavevelocity, you can shoot directly at the mines to blow them up lol……

  4. You can break ammo crates with Lasr Swrds, just tested.

  5. Once I was really early in a game, then died really soon, then played another game. Turns out it was actually the same one – I found where I died with my name and everything there! I ended up killing the person who had killed me the first time. Haha

  6. i could say the laser gun aren't rilly your thing,you changed it for the AK

  7. U can shoot ppl with pulse box and it’s so funny lmao
    Game is broken

  8. It's a real mess the lasr guns are probably almost as common as the pistol maybe

  9. This lightsaber is so weird because when I use Spas-12 shoot at enemy, they just use the lightsaber and deflect all the bullet from Spas-12 right into me and I die. XD

  10. Ok, so you might think 2 or 3 teamers is a lot… Well I fought a 5 person team (for like 3 minutes) I ended up killing 3 of them, but the last 2 spammed laser swrds and well (I died) oof.

  11. U know how the world has heroes paramedics ect. Surviv has pros like Dope to save us from hackers. Lile if agree.

  12. i dare you to…
    lightsaber only challenge
    only lightsaber and mines
    and if you get 1 kill by deflecting the bullet into somebody and the bullet kill them

  13. Omega? x) Thx for all the comment 🙂 By your help I can make better content! Thx <3 (DON'T CALL ME KID AGAIN! …. jk!)

  14. This update is good bcz u can actually kill hackers

  15. YAY another DopeMope vid, me is happy now : )

  16. If u defect their bullets back and it kills them, it says they killed themselves which is true. But you deflected it.

  17. Just fyi or heads up the lazer knife can block pullets

  18. In the club I killed a few people and placed mines everywhere, especially under the tables and near the entrance/exits. It was so funny to hide under a table and watch people walk in for the loot and step on the mine, and if that didn't kill them, I would finish them off with my Groza or shotgun lol.

  19. i did te airdrop troll before i even saw this vid xD

  20. 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  21. The red Lazer saber done more damage than the other sabers

  22. @ DopeMope
    hey you wanna 1v1 my discord is [UKSA]HottieYT#9960

  23. dual lasr guns ar good..I won 3 times with dual lazr guns

  24. why u like everything-diamond eyes music at first

  25. surviv: (Teamers)

    DopeMope: what I'm about to do is called a pro gamer move.

  26. Teamers: hi i exist i give pain

    frag grenade spammers: are you sure about that?

  27. there is a new bug at the new mode, somehow you can go into the bunker, were you can get the special perk, without that the doors are opened. It worked at me. You just have to stand at the door at the top and try to get in and maybe punch a bit. I also saw it working at other players, so it is really possible. You should try out that bug.

  28. Uhh bro ur comment on serials video are making people angry lmao

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