moments #1 - moments #1

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  1. The teamers.
    The 50v50 supply drop when you dont get anything.
    The loot stealers (like above).
    The ammo hoggers.
    The 1v50 in 50v50.
    The ghillie suit troll in 50v50.
    When the last person killz you with 1 health left.
    The bush/tree campers.
    The SCOPERS. <- THE WORST. (unless you are the scoper xD)
    The chickens who run away.
    The combat medic who dodges all your shots with 1 health while using a med kit

    I know you can relate to most of the above

  2. Getting a shotgun but it’s a turkey gun

  3. I was playing surviv I had a Usas-12 then I hit a container bounce off it and landed on a potato.



  5. When your teammate stands right next to your loot crate and waits until you break it so he can get it

  6. 4:27 is totally me when i try to make the game harder when i play against phone players

  7. Trying to pick off a 'loner' in squads but quickly getting overrun by his teammates who just came out of nowhere 😐

  8. When a bot has an awm but but they get that lucky shot and you die. Or when someone camps with an awm siaga 12 double barrel or whatever the fck.

  9. Who else heard the helicopter at 3:58 even tho nothing else came lolz

  10. At 415 nightmare arctic to call me a nightmare I'll take the compliment

  11. Ok… Getting 5555838392829298383839392929293883829283838382737919273rd partied

  12. 4:29 helicopter I think he was spinning because there were people shooting from multiple angles and he was trying to use his pan to deflect as many bullets. So, he span to try and stop the bullets.

  13. Getting 3rd partied

    Wait no
    Getting 8th partied

  14. I think im a helicopter just like everyone, I play on mobile. (Don’t judge, YA BOI BROKE) I’m not bad

  15. cant break lockers happens to me when i have the pan

  16. What I hate the most is when you’re really lucky, and then you die…


  17. i once met this guy who was spinning A LOT THEN I ONE HSOTED HIM WITH MY M87O!! LOLL

  18. Im getting one shotted with lvl 2 vest and lvl 2 helmet by: Mosin, M870, Spas12, SV, awms, mp220,
    Saiga 12, usas 12.
    With lvl 1 helmet and vest:
    (Everything from bevor, +)
    Scout Elite, deagle, (2) p30l shots,
    But the badest things are "headshots", cause they dont make game more interesting, but unlogic, cause its 2D.
    But I hate it the most, when i have mac10 mp5 or ak or m416 in the water bunker, and very closely get a kill, but the last 1-2 bullets that i shot cause u cant react so fast (if he dies), and then im at just a few hp (2,3,4 etc), and then there would be a pkp or m249 (from my enemy), but the fcking last bullet from my own mac or so KILLS ME!! thats so unlogic& unfair.
    The next noob that is coming now has a free mac, ak or m4, or a mosin, pkp or m249, WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING than PRESSING F, but i played pretty well and killed a good enemy with a less good weapon, but the next noob has free loot.

    Thats why i quit surviv.

    If u change the unlogic cross bat,
    I, and i think many other players, will be coming back.

    Thank you.

  19. La cancion se llama savannah de diviners

  20. When I had the awm my PC got shut off and I was so mad

  21. When you just killed someone but you dont have any healing or adrenaline stuff and your life bar is so low

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