MOST OVERPOWERED COMBO IN THE GAME!! Double Scar Gameplay Highlights Montage! - MOST OVERPOWERED COMBO IN THE GAME!! Double Scar Gameplay Highlights Montage!

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1 scar is quite rare to get and very powerful but in rare cases, there are 2 scars! Now what would happen if both those scars came in to my path on Well no need to wonder, it happened! Enjoy.

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  1. You actually killed the biggest noob (the name of the second place guy who got killed

  2. I think the best weapons are the scar, golden eagle, and saiga

  3. The game says it's PUBG in 2D, but why then In PUBG its Scar-L and is Scar-H?

  4. Guys I in class and am in 4th grade am on my mom's account and am a boy so hehe

  5. Pls stop cringing me with your music and your intro

  6. i rather use the m870 and the scar but not two scars,this was a very good vid…

  7. you played withe me right my name is ninjastar

  8. Crypto reviews from official trust drops says:

    abi bunun takımları da var

  9. i was jc i played with you once love your vids your really good

  10. LOL!I cant stop laughing i wish i was with u

  11. How is his aim bad it’s probably better than yours

  12. Lol. I play on your team in 50 v 50 almost all the time. I'm bait 01😂

  13. me you good youTuber tase od sirton rze ok aavti

  14. omg i have played with u and its rlly funny when ppl pretend to be u and their username is IHASYOU not iHASYOU its hilarious plz reply can we play together sometime?

  15. But I play surviv and I saw you on my squad on potato’s update for squad!👌🏼

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