Surviv io New Broken Rainbow Blaster + St Patricks Day Event!! ( Survivr Pass/Event Update) -

Surviv io New Broken Rainbow Blaster + St Patricks Day Event!! ( Survivr Pass/Event Update)

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Surviv io New Broken Rainbow Blaster + St Patricks Day Event!! ( Survivr Pass/Event Update)
I exist Pog


Diamond Eyes – Gravity [NCS Release]

Mendum – You (feat. Brenton Mattheus) [NCS Release]


  1. i play this mod to 1 hour to you 🤣🤣🤣

  2. RainBow Blaster is the most overpower gun in game. That gun can kill other player by one hit in time they have Lv3 amore

  3. Punch the grass to death so you get a rainbow weapon check it out btw I’m your big fan

  4. frick you for posting it when i was in school

  5. Did you know that if you have the leprechaun perk while using the growler on the edge you can actually grenade yourself out of the map. WoW

  6. i sold my Hole inventory because og this nes update just to Get green bayonet;(

  7. Yo, I play on mobile on safari and the Hudson is broken and items are small it’s so hard to play now.

  8. You can find the gun in the lucky clover bushes

  9. I would love to watch you throw that Mountain Dew down the leaning Tower of Pisa, so yeah, that was teaming. (It was actually 3rd partying but I would still watch that video)

  10. please help me dopemope. please troll all the teamers in this gamemode. it isn't fair. there was a group of 5 players that teamed in this SOLO gamemode and killed me. please help. you really are amazing!

  11. thx for uploading again dope. good luck with your friends. we're all happy for you. 💙💙💙

  12. I love how people spin when they shoot with a sniper and a shot gun I just go normal and not look like a pro

  13. Ya still goated but not like you used to be

  14. Hope everyone read this. A one-shot R.blaster that disappears after firing. This shot deals 1000 damage, enough to kill anyone unless they had a level 4 helmet and vest. Not a good sniper, as the bullet takes a while to travel. Perfect for mid-range battles. Thanks for the video, I'm your best fan!!!

  15. Yo mope, im new to the channel and dude, i understsnd you completely and you just keep doin you, lifes a garden, dig it, make it work, dont ever let shit people say get u down, words may hurt, but they are just words in the end, whatever you are/were going thru dont worry about it youll be alright, and as a new subscriber im happy to be any help in video making, editting, or contribution to your channel 👍👌

  16. I wish they would add a sniper only game mode :/

  17. Did the dp spawnrate increase or something? Everyone has it mow

  18. At least the growlers do something unlike the flasks

  19. He takes a two week break and wins a game in a few tries
    Ive played non-stop and still havent gotten a win, smh

  20. Your still better than me at your worst.😹

  21. My acount is in the hall of fame as DontDhoot I think my win rate was like 60 percent witha kd of 7

  22. Hoàng Thị Hiếu Trường PT DTNT Lục Ngạn says:

    hi im a kid i wonder can you play with me on some time(im her son)in asia server.if you can,you can read another mail to get the cord

  23. Kongregate, adds the rainbow blater*, but as they can't spell they just make it a instalt *granade with 1k damage and call it epic…

    Next up: BLOSSOM MODE, maybe Microtransactions, and the teahouse will be (re)"invented"

  24. Good game, DopeMope, enjoyed reading your essay too. All good, keep it up the way you feel most comfortable with. This is you, this is your channel, and you sure have all the powers to play it the way you feel better for yourself. Just a short supportive response for you here. Cheers!

  25. Game:let's make skins
    Me:sees the dp-28 magazine
    Also me:LAUGHS SO HARD


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