New Mk45 Semi Auto Rifle!! + .45 In The Chamber Perk is Epic! ( Desert Rain) - New Mk45 Semi Auto Rifle!! + .45 In The Chamber Perk is Epic! ( Desert Rain)

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Today I show off the new Mk45 Rifle, as well as a couple new perks on the latest Desert Rain in Enjoy!


Syn Cole – Gizmo [NCS Release]

Axol – Mars [NCS Release]

Y&V – Back In Time [NCS Release]


  1. dude today on this event i got 10 wins at once wich never hapend to me im getting better

  2. like my comment in dopemope's savannah mode tier perks (last vid)

  3. 4:16 i feel you.. pss we have almost the same skill (i'm SHCK~BlueSniper btw)

  4. 4:15 i know your felings im mobile i have too melee sometimes because sometimes im bad ); 1 fail= 1 sad probloms

  5. Question: why so many players dislike the Vector .45? You held on to your dual Pissmakers when you had one in the Police floor, but I've also played yesterday and saw players ditch it for other guns… is it really that bad?

  6. When devs run out of ideas on what to change they make unnecessary ones like the m8 sprite change

  7. DopeMope wins with 13 kills : omg i'm so bad
    Me get #7 with 2 kills : OMG I'M SO PRO GG I'M THE BEST PLAYER

  8. When I get 13 kills in a game I feel good but when you do it U MAKE ME FEEL LIKE I SUCK WHHY DOPEY lol

  9. wait whats the other perk? isnt there a nade perk or something? (just askin)

  10. dopemopes name is evan
    i wonder when he will do a face reveal
    i will sub if he does a face reveal

  11. I’m ngl. You suck with the super 90. Also why no m249?

  12.  I hope developers read this: imagine that airstrikes could destroy houses, or at least their roofs. And that they can cover a square and slightly larger area, everyone would be running away from the bombs

  13. Dual peacemaker + 45 in chamber perk is an instakill lol u should try it 🙂

  14. You dont need to be so negative about yourself regardless if you are pro or not

  15. dued, ur calling yourself bad during a 13 kill game, that's calling me a noob. and i'm not superbad


  17. Idk I really like 45 apc perk + lutenate helmet with dual. Vector (mainly out of nastalga from the old days but whatever)

  18. If you are bad then try playing 20 minutes per day it helped me then it will help you. 🙂

  19. If you have a infi ammo and flame gun try to make a base 😀

  20. Have you guys noticed that every person that he kills is named as player Numbers

  21. No offense but my highest kills in desert rain was 15 kills. And BTW I kill dopemope before. So why call him the best?

  22. Кто нибудь из вас без читов вообще катает?!

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