*NEW* MOST POWERFUL CANNONS!! Minigun, M79 & Heart Cannon (Survivio Valentine's Update) - *NEW* MOST POWERFUL CANNONS!! Minigun, M79 & Heart Cannon (Survivio Valentine’s Update)

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A new event is here, the valentine’s heart event!

The all new Heart Cannon diffuses damage taken from your frenemies. For groups of future friends, the same effect is achieved with the all-new Heart Grenade.

If you do not trust the intentions of your new friends, eat an entire box of chocolates to counter the effect of Heart Weapons.

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  1. So I was playing and the dude with the M70 (that gun with the minty colored ammo)I was playing and this guy shot it right in my face and it killed him instead 😂😂😂. But I died after to fist because I only had a slive of health left

  2. Hey iHASYOU the best combination on desert is scar-H and M1A1 i got 27 kills with it please do the combination

  3. You are the best brother, one day I can play with you it would be a dream come true 🙃😃

  4. it is a grenede launcher
    i once got it but hit someone really close and died

  5. Real gun names: M17 Thumper and M107M

  6. how to find or make such emoticons such as where is the gift loot or indicates where to go

  7. I bet u know nothing about guns bc u didnt know what an M79 does.

  8. I'm a hacker but after ur videos i stopped hacking

  9. hey dude wanna play someday lemme show discord

  10. M79 in a gold locker!!!! I once got a deagle in one.

  11. when im leader in 50v50 i shoot flare gun with no pings

  12. 2:44 New bomb guns ammo

    Cyan: bomb guns
    Black:Epic guns
    Orange:Box gun
    Dark Green:AWM-S ammo
    Blue:Miniguns ammo
    Green:fast ammos
    Purple: tick tick guns

  13. im a relativley new player but i know that the m79 is incredibly rare, how did u find one naturally spawned and two in one game?

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