New Personal Flare Gun Record!! + 21 Kill AWM Solo Squad (Desert Rain Gameplay) - New Personal Flare Gun Record!! + 21 Kill AWM Solo Squad (Desert Rain Gameplay)

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Like: 1442 New Personal Flare Gun Record!! + 21 Kill AWM Solo Squad (Desert Rain Gameplay)
Today I show all of my gameplay from the Desert Rain event that I didn’t use! I got some really good solo squad games, cool flare gun moments, and a lot of rare items. Enjoy!

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  1. Dm. You of all players….

    Got knocked by the airdrop?????

  2. Yesterday i win 4 games being my win rate in solo is 3.3 im better in game my skills on bolt action weapons are medium now instead of mediocre or noob meaning im better on AWM-S and SV-98.

  3. I got eight one time with max DEagle ammunition dual DEagles and M1 Garand

  4. i know airdrop falled onu so u cutted that scene and revived by other

  5. Dopemope Lit song perfect for this video keep it up!!!

  6. The explosive shotgun Is still in the game. It's an airdrop gun

  7. YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS I'm a big fan and just look at 6:53 at your left "anna" my 4 yr old sister who must be the noobest player in the world a total of 100 games with 3 kills ????????? I JUST HATE MY LIFE

  8. DopeMope, do you have Trinidadian roots? I do!

  9. My record flare gun record was 8 something, but well, you know me if you play with me.

    I got crushed by the airdrop lol.

  10. So. About the time the airdrop crushed you. 😂

  11. i got 20 kills 15x scope with mosin in desert out of secret tree cuz during the event you get 15x scope and mosin in it + my partner got a double final shot awm and 15 with mosin

  12. Omg 21 is also my record also do you play eu server if so ive seen u

  13. The best acion in the world when i killed you in surviv

  14. 20 kill awm-s yo accuracy ain’t that good and my spelling isn’t either xD

  15. wow,you are so good at sniping,and playing the piano with a gun.Can you do a vid were you get the USAS 12,cuz i thought that they put that gun in the game,or i am just very stupid.Love the cool vid and please keep making theme!By mope (but you done't even play will you please tell me why your name is that).

  16. Hey Dope Mope I started watching u for a month now I love your channel and I watch it to make me better at a god! I have been playing surviv now for a bit now and I am really good! Anyways i'am curious if I can duo up with u. I really wanna see how I am with another god! Let me know if u want to.

  17. They should add RPG and USAS but with separate like awm and deagle. It should be found in special crate (like pirate) or loot rock/tree

  18. At beginning I hear a piano I've watched this 5 times. I'm dumb

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