NEW SECRET EYE BUNKER & USAS-12! ( Woods UPDATE & Stream Highlights) - NEW SECRET EYE BUNKER & USAS-12! ( Woods UPDATE & Stream Highlights)

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What can i say … you’ve done it again! Another secret packed update and another difficult to enter bunker….but we managed to get in! The USAS is back with the woods update but also more reference to the eye and a locked new bunker? What’s inside??? *coming soon*

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  1. CZ-3A1 looks best. That gun is SO GOOD. MY SECOND FAVORITE IS THE AWM-S. SRY I missed a few streams, I got school and all.

  2. tu encuentras un martillo que sirve para romper el muro de piedra y los ojos de piedra, pero me pregunto si ese mismo masrtillo rompera la 4 sala de la casa verde donde se consigue la katana

  3. Inside the bunker is a sledge hammer which you can also get from golden airdrops(I think) if you go into the bunker, than do the bunkers inthe time they were added into the game. You might beed an OG for this

  4. Once I played with ihasyou I lost My name is oooooof

  5. The final seal in the blue house. The hammer can break it

  6. why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I don't care about stream moments in unsubbing and going to a better channel
    This is a joke btw

  8. i know inside the bunker is a stone axe
    it can break those eye cases

  9. y u make us w8 im a noob i could never figure it out (ಥ﹏ಥ)

  10. Please I don't know what this weapon is it has long barrel and uses the dark green ammo


  12. Really man unsubscribing bruh I’m mad you were my hero bye I still liked your vid but really

  13. I play with you about 20 games I am xcar1000

  14. how do you make a sign that resembles an emotion like (!)

  15. I am and i do support the supporters of supportify says:

    Inside eye bunker is a peacemaker and seldom purple ammos.

  16. I know codes of all bunkers but sadly im not on discord 😭

  17. geogamer საქართველოდან

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