New Strobe Grenade Trolling!! Nuking The Final Circle! ( Desert Rain Event) - New Strobe Grenade Trolling!! Nuking The Final Circle! ( Desert Rain Event)

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Like: 690 New Strobe Grenade Trolling!! Nuking The Final Circle! ( Desert Rain Event)
Live in 3-6 hours. Gotta get some sleep.

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Cartoon – On & On (feat. Daniel Levi) [NCS Release]

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  1. bty use the strobe to destroy the statues and inside are crates to get the leader weapons and the hat

  2. Plain doesn't reload bullet per bullet anymore?!?

  3. how do you do to kill so much people?

  4. Dope mope!! can we play the event together? im actually a pretty good player. my name in is [RAR]-ProKing if you ever see me

  5. I wish I could edit like this and still get so many views and subscribers

  6. Dope i luv ur vids. I hope we will play a game :3

  7. xD mope not to be mean but i think this be fake because all the players names were player with numbers eccept you and ur team sry again nice vid do
    its dope

  8. I heard the Saiga got a new world image, just like the AWM and all the other golden airdrop weapons. Have you played with it yet?

  9. dopemope I was banned but here is my discord [ÇSN]!Power*#9572 so please unban me!!

  10. Like si hablas englis🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  11. Your teammates are so aggressive, I bet they eat a lot of sugar before they play a game with you.

  12. It'll be much more nicer if you could not mute me without a warning when I joined your discord, or not muting me forever

  13. You can also destroy the statues with stone hammer

  14. Александр Мерзляков says:

    спалился, ты русс

  15. How do you quickswitch like that? It's a little broken, being honest

  16. I'm pretty sure they completely took out yellow guns in happy

  17. can you make nuke zone for 1 min without no stopping? it will be very fun :DDDDDDD

  18. 5:22 Bro you had the ultimate helmet, best, and skin combo. Why'd you ditch it😢😢

  19. In my opinion I think SV-98 better than mosin. After I read all result I found SV-98 can do 80 damage and can shot 10 ammoes every time we reloaded. mainwhile mosin can do 72 damage and can shot only 5 ammo everytime we reloaded.

    But even that sniper isn't the best gun anymore. I played it can't kill anyone. I need to shot 3 times for armor level 1 to kill and 6 times for armor level 3. But I don't know it depend to distance or not. That time I shot them on edge of scope level 8. If it depend to distance I can forgive those sniper gun :/

  20. How do you feel about the super 90 and model 94

  21. subscribe to meh,I want 100 subs
    anyway,your video is good.

  22. freaking OP as usual. I just wish they would keep the peace keepers. 😭 my name on ththere is metaknightlover, but I took out someone literally named DopeMope just yesterday. must have been a fake. either way, SURVIV FOREVER!!!

  23. Hey I think I rekt your whole team once in the same server

  24. I've got better aim at flickshots with sniper and shotgun. You must sense good opportunity to shot. Effect will snap you. Try ;D

  25. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  26. old school songs!
    liked and subbed

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