New Strobe Grenade Trolling!! Nuking The Final Circle! ( Desert Rain Event) - New Strobe Grenade Trolling!! Nuking The Final Circle! ( Desert Rain Event)

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Like: 690 New Strobe Grenade Trolling!! Nuking The Final Circle! ( Desert Rain Event)
Live in 3-6 hours. Gotta get some sleep.

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Elektronomia – Butterfly

Cartoon – On & On (feat. Daniel Levi) [NCS Release]

Alan Walker – Fade [NCS Release]


  1. Plain doesn't reload bullet per bullet anymore?!?

  2. how do you do to kill so much people?

  3. Dope mope!! can we play the event together? im actually a pretty good player. my name in is [RAR]-ProKing if you ever see me

  4. I wish I could edit like this and still get so many views and subscribers

  5. Dope i luv ur vids. I hope we will play a game :3

  6. xD mope not to be mean but i think this be fake because all the players names were player with numbers eccept you and ur team sry again nice vid do
    its dope

  7. I heard the Saiga got a new world image, just like the AWM and all the other golden airdrop weapons. Have you played with it yet?

  8. dopemope I was banned but here is my discord [ÇSN]!Power*#9572 so please unban me!!

  9. Like si hablas englis🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  10. Your teammates are so aggressive, I bet they eat a lot of sugar before they play a game with you.

  11. It'll be much more nicer if you could not mute me without a warning when I joined your discord, or not muting me forever

  12. You can also destroy the statues with stone hammer

  13. Александр Мерзляков says:

    спалился, ты русс

  14. How do you quickswitch like that? It's a little broken, being honest

  15. I'm pretty sure they completely took out yellow guns in happy

  16. can you make nuke zone for 1 min without no stopping? it will be very fun :DDDDDDD

  17. 5:22 Bro you had the ultimate helmet, best, and skin combo. Why'd you ditch it😢😢

  18. In my opinion I think SV-98 better than mosin. After I read all result I found SV-98 can do 80 damage and can shot 10 ammoes every time we reloaded. mainwhile mosin can do 72 damage and can shot only 5 ammo everytime we reloaded.

    But even that sniper isn't the best gun anymore. I played it can't kill anyone. I need to shot 3 times for armor level 1 to kill and 6 times for armor level 3. But I don't know it depend to distance or not. That time I shot them on edge of scope level 8. If it depend to distance I can forgive those sniper gun :/

  19. How do you feel about the super 90 and model 94

  20. subscribe to meh,I want 100 subs
    anyway,your video is good.

  21. freaking OP as usual. I just wish they would keep the peace keepers. 😭 my name on ththere is metaknightlover, but I took out someone literally named DopeMope just yesterday. must have been a fake. either way, SURVIV FOREVER!!!

  22. Hey I think I rekt your whole team once in the same server

  23. 2:00 this is y u should have a laughing emote emoji when u die then they will laugh at u I do have it when I die😓

  24. I've got better aim at flickshots with sniper and shotgun. You must sense good opportunity to shot. Effect will snap you. Try ;D

  25. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  26. old school songs!
    liked and subbed

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