New Twins Bunker and INSANE Perks!!! New Event Test Server Gameplay! - New Twins Bunker and INSANE Perks!!! New Event Test Server Gameplay!

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Like: 1145 New Twins Bunker and INSANE Perks!!! New Event Test Server Gameplay!
Yes I know there isn’t an official name for the bunker but justin suggested twins on discord and since there isn’t an official one, I’m going with it!


Hilliard – Charge

Vexento – Around The Fire


  1. When is the update coiming out decmeber 2 or 3?

  2. new melee weapon: war hammer
    3:34 the war hammer is near the bottom left of the screen.

  3. I never seen this update….
    Did I the only person who wasnt there???

  4. Does anyone know how to get back to surviv? I used to average like 12 kills but now after 5-7 months of not playing I am bad and get killed easily. Any tips?

  5. This whole time I thought it was super until now

  6. I played this update and got mad so I punched my computer and now the screen is broken so ya.

  7. Just speculation, but what if the way you get in is by using all of the new melee weapons?

  8. why did u switch out the m249 (100 green ammo) for the pkp pechkneg????

  9. the bunker is called bunker 11. There’s a voice recording in the bunker and when it activates it says “welcome to bunker 11.” Kind of creepy in my opinion

  10. Hey dopemope please answer my question or someone else please answer how do you get in a test server?

  11. Do other perks cause you can choose (wich perks is the besr?)

  12. Yes I might be a mobile, but is there any way that fans can play with u?

  13. To open the door , just kill 1 player in the door to open it

  14. if you pick up the master scavenger perk you will definitely get AWMS easily on your first game

  15. Ay dopemope check the message evil deeds sent u on discord

  16. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh a great combo with tank and awm-s

  17. dopemope is giving free op guns on cobalt event cuz of the master scavenger perk

  18. The unassble part was where you picked you class if you have bad internet for a few frames you can see you zooming out of there

  19. How do you open that last room in the facility

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