New Twins Bunker and INSANE Perks!!! New Event Test Server Gameplay! - New Twins Bunker and INSANE Perks!!! New Event Test Server Gameplay!

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Like: 1145 New Twins Bunker and INSANE Perks!!! New Event Test Server Gameplay!
Yes I know there isn’t an official name for the bunker but justin suggested twins on discord and since there isn’t an official one, I’m going with it!


Hilliard – Charge

Vexento – Around The Fire


  1. Try to open that door with sledge hammer like eye crates
    It s just my opinion

  2. DopeMope , the room at 1:15 is empty, I checked the game code, AND, play at 0.25 speed and you'll see that there's no floor when the bunker roof fades…

  3. I got stuck in that bunker before it opened. NO LIE. I had to leave since I got stuck in the loot box

  4. Dope mope pls!!! How to get that server:((((

  5. People team because they want to see the new stuff added

  6. 1:11 or it's like the chrysanthemum bunker and it will be openable in another update.

  7. my fav class is probs assault or sniper. some occasions medic cus you are SO fast

  8. My theory about all the teamers is that they usually play on duo/squads. And since you can only play solo on the test servers…

  9. I think that was the demo in the bunker at 4:48, we weren't teaming for kills, we all just wanted to mess with the doors in the bunker

  10. 1:57 explosive rounds ono

    Imagine AWM S with explosive rounds… were all gonna die

  11. I’m pretty sure the test sever is but if the link doesn’t work l think the link is offline for now so we have to wait for the update to come out and l also wish there was a class where you get master scavenger without going to a bunker

  12. Why Are people using martyrdown perk lmao

  13. DopeMope I think the full squad of teamers were trying to open and explore the bunker.

  14. You know the master scavenger it's like potato mode

  15. DopeMope how to go test sever you should be do video how to write how to go please comment to me and i cannot play discord too

  16. What’s the link? Is it still active? I think I missed it CAUSE IPHONE 4s DONT RUN DISCORD TO GREAT

  17. i thot dopemope was leaving forever! i was so worried as he is a staple youtuber, and i love his gameplay!
    Anyways great vid!

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