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Another video…another aimbot! What’s new?

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  1. IHASYOU Is back in full swing <3

    The Surviv King!!!!

  2. Merry Christmas


    your video was great I hope you will make a 50VS50 video with the role of the red leader with the Santa Mittens please otherwise merry christmas 🎁✨😃❤💕🎁

  3. can u tell me when we can team together and when u reply ill tell u the team code

  4. i remember the snow map from last year

  5. So many hackers 🙁
    I met so many hackers in the new mode

  6. How do I get in your game and do you stream in twitch?

  7. Bro, you didnt really put at 2:50 a really old clip with Swisser :joy:

  8. I was in this 50v50 game and I got leader 1st second of the game. Jesus christ that was the most intense 5 minutes of my life. Got a sv98 and a super-90, and it was all square every single time. Every time red got a kill, blue got one. I got 20 kills and it was 3-3. Lone survivr. It was havoc. I won with 1 hp left.

  9. mans, still playin dis game, dayum its been some years bro

  10. the 2 likes are from the hacker and his dad

  11. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to everyone watching!

  12. CZ is actually much better than vector, it has better range, and better damage

  13. I got a minigun last round! But I’m not a hacker. Idk if I am in here.

  14. If u dont like this video u wont hsve christmas presents

    I love u returned to suriviv :DDDDDDD

  15. I like the video!! Merry Christmas everyone

  16. iHASYOU has 22k highscore meanwhile corupt x has 100k or 200k score

  17. IHASYOU upload more videos of surviv io please that I already got bored of among us, where is the one from before?

  18. I remember u did a few trolling teamers vids so I just wanna say I took on a group of 3 teamers in savannah mode and killed them all XD

  19. Hey, Ihasyou if you want to report a surviv. just go to the support and type the surviv# ID. I tried it and it works they said my hacker was banned for 14 days.

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