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Have you ever played on phone? Playing for the first time on phone was a hard challenge for me, but I was still able to win a 6 kills game in solo vs duos on the Desert mode. (Was almost killed by AWM-S just before) Enjoy the video!



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  1. Playing on a phone does suck. I prefer a iPad. It’s bigger and easier to control.

  2. So hard play mobile me easy plaiying mobile you good

  3. My high score playing on mobile is 9 kills win

  4. Isnt a real challenge bcs im a pro playr on mobile, namerio to.

  5. i play mobile its amazing once u get good good luck

  6. ok but why do i have to wait this long to be able to watch it 🙁

  7. Let’s go I asked this a while ago and I have finally been answered

  8. bro mobile isn't bad I got 15 kills in cobalt

  9. I think we should be offended that there are more players on mobile now than PC… Maybe they could combine them? 🤔

  10. Bro i always play on phone, it's so easy but the only problem is that it's laggy if you don't have a good phone.

  11. (Ok, let's try this again)
    Really awesome that you are trying mobile, good TIP for playing on mobile in the future is to used spray and pray weapons because they are easier to used, until you get used to snipers….

  12. Trust me i made a video on this and my skill is 10x worst the joystick is hard and so it the aim and snipers are basically the wirst thing you could use

  13. Bro, I already tried to play it on my watch and surprisingly it worked 👍😅😆

  14. first time ive ever seen anyone choose super 90 instead of sv…

  15. Es facil jugar en celular en su tiempo yo era ro bueno no tnto como uno de pc pero si lo era y de echo usab bien los francotiradores solo qué el problema es qué no tenía un buen celular y se me lagueaba

  16. I killed you today OMG, 😂😂 but than you spectated me and I died in an air strike lol

  17. Plot twist: He only made this video because he broke his computer

  18. I play with my phone when I my mom doesn't let me touch laptop

  19. I always play in mobile. It was fantastic although the lag is the only problem for me

  20. Bro the first kill edits were cringy asf but also funny

  21. GG cool video Training with quikswitch??

  22. Como hacer para entrar en servidores con mucha gente? Alguien sabe el pro tip? Gracias

  23. Advantages:
    — Autopickup
    — Autohit
    — Very compact usage (can play anywhen)


  24. This editing was really really nice and funny 🙂

  25. I already play on phone its so much harder than in PC, but i can get some wins some times…

    Its so much awkward in the start

  26. This causes me emotional pain as a mobile player

  27. i tried, i give up, play on phone is impossible, idk how some people can play in phone better than 95% pc players lol

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