"PRIVATE" Servers - 2 GOLDEN CRATES & NEW PURPLE AIRDROP! ( Update & Highlights) - “PRIVATE” Servers – 2 GOLDEN CRATES & NEW PURPLE AIRDROP! ( Update & Highlights)

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#survivio #iogames #battleroyale 2 GOLDEN CRATES, NEW PURPLE AIRDROP. Are private servers on surviv real or a lie??

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  1. My brother got 3 golden container and he protected the 3rd container xd

  2. HAHAHAH i trolled a nub named ihasyou in that server he was soo mad lmao

  3. лайк если есть русские!

  4. thx for the link you are the only youtuber that has given the link your the best at survivio

  5. Dual SV-98😯😲😮😮😮😮😮😮😮🤑🤑🤑😎😎😎😎

  6. Do not make a bright backlight, because it is hard to see what is happening

  7. wow awsome video keep making grate vid (im had terrible english D:)

  8. i tried the link, but it directed… oh wait…

  9. good clickbait bro u just got a dislike

  10. This is awesome

  11. Can someone tell me what is th prived server link?

  12. I would play , so would many others but it's too laggy

  13. Да блин я хочу узнать код от сейфа в сурвив ио

  14. Lol I just played it. Only 2 players

    He killed himself. Fastest win XD

  15. They should make "private servers" that have special modes like the desert mode or high crate mode for fun.

  16. can i play with you on that private server cause i got link

  17. а красные патроны забыл

  18. Me:



    The SV's seem common…

  19. Um, I can't join a server can you do this video again??

  20. Private servers are cool!

    But They are OUTDATED!

  21. Bruh iHASYOU is so noob and trash he can't even quickswitch. Out of comparison to gods like Siper and SV-98 Youtube

  22. u didn't know how to quickswitch back then but great edits

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