REVENGE OF THE AWM-S! Desert Rain Mode Update! - REVENGE OF THE AWM-S! Desert Rain Mode Update!

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The modes rotation brings with it the desert rain game mode and airdrops galore! That’s a lot of rare loot but there’s only one thing i really want. The AWM-S!

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  1. Why is desert always in duos and cobalt always in squads?

  2. hey iHASYOU, have u ever run into someone named SansUndertale with one box on both sides of the name?

  3. I love the fact that iHASYOU plays in Europe but there is more fake iHASYOU's in NA than there is on Europe servers

  4. I really like subscribe to cuz u super pro🥴

  5. When your teammates don’t revive you and leave you
    “Why are you running?”

  6. I like when you use halo sniper sound. Anyway 👍

  7. Can yo make a video explainig the isaland, all structures?

  8. I’d like this vid if there wasn’t that cringey wild west cowboy music in the background

  9. awm op, but i'm not good at sniping

  10. Lol! I played with you on the same team 5 times and did not know that you are a youtuber

  11. if the airdrop angle is gold is OTs 38 AWM M1…… good thing

  12. why doesn't he fire a flare gun to get an air drop

  13. the guy in the tumbnail looks like he swallowed a bayblade 2x the size of him

  14. I’m a used to playing survive io on iPad but I tried it on pc and I got and awms and demolished

  15. i realized that he hit more mosin-nagat shots than AWM-S

  16. I think it was a great play. I'm usually on a Korean server, but I'd like to refer to it.

  17. A few months ago on mAh birthday I got duel AWM-S AND HIT 13 kill (: the grass mode update was on mAh birthday in August

  18. I was shocked when you didn’t pick up the super 90

  19. 2:15 now ihasyou revenge the aimbot NOW WATCH THIS NOT JK

  20. ihasyou should really use his ak more

  21. I was laughing to the thumbnail because the survivr looks like spiderman

  22. I liked the bright effect on the first part

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