SECRETS OF THE BUNKERS!! ( Lore & Confidential Documents Commentary) - SECRETS OF THE BUNKERS!! ( Lore & Confidential Documents Commentary)

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Part 2 of the lore series! I talk about the bunkers, confidential documents and try to piece together a number of other clues and hints we have been given!

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  1. MOREEEEE! My friends told me you were clickbait but your channel does have good content inside

  2. How do you open the bunkers and how about the 3rd bunker

  3. Last video was great, so is this. If there’s more lore can you make another?

  4. zinc and x( play against you a lot. most of the time we do work. good games

  5. Yo I was in your 9:58 game Wednesday Dec 12 my name was MightGoBeastMode

  6. I played in the same server with iHASYOU with a bunch of noobs on my team.

  7. THX for lore videos. I find them very informative, and I just like finding background. Just 2 things:

    1. Where do you find those confidential documents?
    2. You could just say that there is nothing behind that seal, because nothing spawns there in-game and it has no floor in game… but I think not. >:}

  8. u need a stone hammer to open that door and inside it is a 15scope

  9. to open the final room of flower bunker you have to
    1- play the game on solo mode
    2- go to the Bank's vault and find the hammer
    3- go to the flower bunker and destroy the final room
    you always will find 15X scoop and you will be able to change the map to
    forest desert snow

    you will be able to break with the hammer the new eye boxes

  10. Hey iHASYOU ! I just found the way to open the 3rd/3th bunker ! U need to get the stone hammer and destroy it with it. Once u do it , there will be a rec with voice of 2 people and u can activate the snowy storm . U need to do in in solo play .

  11. i enter in last room in bunker!!!! u got 15 scope AND got mysterious room vith record…

  12. I WAS ENTERD IN BUNKER!!! U GOT 15 SCOPE AND MYSTERIOUS RECORDING AND room with something,but haved winter,dessert and spring thinks…

  13. I GOT INTO THE LAST BUNKER!! YOU HAVE TO BREAK THE WALL WITH THE STONE HAMMER!!! NO IDEA what to do once I get inside though. I think it’s ANOTHER code. You get 15x scope though.

  14. ¡hasyou the photos are false, the door breaks with the hammer

    there are 3 things 1 sesper 2 snow and 3 sand a one peephole of 15

  15. Lol i find out that you can break the final bunker door wirth the stone hammer from another bunker

  16. GUYS OMG I WAS IN THE THIRD ROOM!!! AND I MADE IT SNOW OMG there are 3 things (idk what it was) it was ice, fire (desert update) and leaves (in the woods) and I got 15x scope!! I could press the ice one and after that, it started to snow on the map!!! OMG THIS IS NOT FAKE!! I'M SHOOK! And I do have a screenshot for proof !!!!

  17. I know HOW to open the door you have to get the stone hammar then smash the stone hammar on the door then when it opens you will get a 15x scope

  18. Update goooooo 😀 is opening búnker flower

  19. we can now access the door thats in the katana room
    inside is a 15x scope

  20. For the last seal in the greenhouse, i know how to open it. It says that it is not meant for "mortal eyes", so maybe, one day, they will add flash grenades and we will have to those like 10 of those in our face and get blind. Keep making these awesome videos, your my inspiration to be a pro like you! Love ya vids.

  21. I know the one of the admins that created the bunker and I was the one who had the Ideas for the minigun in the fall update. I think that the machines in the bunker is a cover up. my freind in band class. A.K.A the admin. said that they might make a monster. yep. I am not a liar. I head it with my own ears.

  22. You have the whole Bunker Orientation vid? It's deleted

  23. I thinkid a is ligated on eye,in now 2020 i making teorys of bunkes and the eye,eye can be a boss of game i dont know,a big monster like hydra or something the new bunker have a pool whit a sword simble sometimes that poll have blood,swrod simble whit others two eyes on sides,i dont know so much but my teorys are big,a nuclear bomb because of simble of nuclear in bunker 1,my brain is so much confused of teorys,but somenting i know is that all ligated on eye,in hallowen mode a new bunker becamed the eye bunker whe all know about him,and when the man was talking somentingh happened that can be the big eye or somenting on floor of that bunker in final room have blood and i so much locals have a destroyed parts,on all map too
    And all monuments .

  24. Bunker 11 is probably a result of the Poultry experiments of the Cloud, where we get our perks (hence we have the Mystic Class Pod in the middle) and the Hydra Bunker (where we also see cloning vats). This bunker is most likely used to use perks to enhance Super Soldiers.

  25. there is NOTHING BEHIND THE GREENHOUSE BUNKER WALL!! u can actually see that it ends on the outside of the bunker wall, u can see this fading black thing stops at the wall!

  26. they used the lost arg videos to base this story


    both take place on a magic island

  27. Where was the meteor bunker and when was it deleted, when was it added, and where is it?

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