- Squads Update - Soloing in Squads (20 Kills) - – Squads Update – Soloing in Squads (20 Kills)

Corrupt X
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Squads Update in gives the game a lot more of a challenge, especially solo. This is a challenge. It’s also an easier way to obtain kills, and has attracted more players to

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  1. Omg he devoured them ALL at the house :O GOD!

  2. ive played solo duo and i had 12 kills and my friend has 12 kills either! so its gonna be 20 killls in duo

  3. Bro, was it You? U was in toilet it was one man standing. Then u killed someone named Toxic with shotgun.

  4. Eh? I think I played with you in a squad game yesterday. Carried the team to victory (Have screenshots too) Might've been a fake I'm Zeraphyrel

  5. I can only get 14 kills solo max… Damn 20 is a lot

  6. Awesome play!
    And I had a problem,you know how to do "head shout" in this game? ;0

  7. I completed squad by myself but I only got 13 kills :/

  8. I thought 20 kilos on kulah, and so everyone can!

  9. ภูริณัฐ ครองเพชร says:


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  11. ░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▄

  12. One day we should run duo squads since my solo squads high is 23

  13. Hey Corrupt X, I have a challenge idea that I think would be really hard. The rules are really simple: Win a solo game in under 4 minutes.

  14. when ever i play solo squads theirs always thoes kind of noobs who revive their teammates in front of me, sometimes i just wait when his done and kill them both

  15. If u say that you are not that good Corrupt X I can barely get four kills😢

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