- Squads Update - Soloing in Squads (20 Kills) - – Squads Update – Soloing in Squads (20 Kills)

Corrupt X
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Squads Update in gives the game a lot more of a challenge, especially solo. This is a challenge. It’s also an easier way to obtain kills, and has attracted more players to

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  1. Love the videos keep up the great work bty they added fortnite on phone if u wanna play ❤️

  2. When you let the squad die and take all their good loot

  3. Stop stacking players on your avatar Corrupt!!!!11!1!!

  4. I guess by the way how they didn't know they are attacking Corrupt X and died shamelessly… You could call them the…

    Suicide Squad.

  5. wats ye discord again? i didn't join the first time.

  6. Dude i 1v4 like a pro if i got the double barrel shotty




  8. Do the no guns challenge , only grenades and punch. I already won one match doing this challenge.(Solo Mode)

  9. Corrupt x is druggie confirmed, how many pills he pops, no one will ever know

  10. I would be a friend and play with you. Please respond, it would make my day!

  11. He’s always first. He always kills you. You know him… it’s Corrupt X!

  12. Zach your playing a copy of fournite and pubg

  13. corrupt x. goldmindnugget says you suck and that you 2 aren't friends I think you should take a vist to his DM and give him a welcoming I love you back

  14. On MooMoo.Io The guy name "Hi, I'm Noob" HE THE GOD.Here a story about it, i was on Hi, I'm Noob Team it called "H.I.P" .We was killing people, i die 8 time and Hi, I'm Noob non :/ i saw him do 20 peoples Vs Hi, I'm Noob. Hi, I'm Noob win he kills everyone i kill 3 :/ . Soo… he said this to me "i want to kill Corrupt X" i said "what, why i love him" he said "i want to show everyone that i'm The Bast Lol" Hi, I'm Noob can do: fast spam, 2 hit and…. more. I think he can kill Corrupt X.
    Pls show it on yt if u find him.He like to go to london 2 or london 4 (in the game).
    OK, I love u and bye….

  15. Poll:Would you rather have 2 saiga-12, or 2 M249?

  16. I dare you to get 100 kills in moomoo no helmet, especially bull.(lol)

  17. Wow, youre a beast! Oh , youre a beast in all games!!!

  18. What that actually you that fought GMN? Tell truth and pls reply back!

  19. PLEASE GO DO WHAT I DID IN MY LAST VIDEO BUT TRY TO GET 100 kill instead of 20 !!!! That would be awesome in moo

  20. There should be a based around someone stranded and builds up by killing people and taking there stuff.(corrupt x needs a game based on his life maybe)

  21. Plz subscribe to my channel i am also starting vids! if u have a kind enough heart i would appreciate. THANKS

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