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#survivio #iogames #battleroyale New Eye Bunker!! HALLOWEEN UPDATE & Secret Bunker! The surviv Halloween update earlier today has some amazing features and even a secret bunker. Give it a go and experience the spooky vibes!

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  1. first the easter update,the mini bunker / big bunker,the mini huts in the beach,the sandstorm event,and the tree event

  2. yeahxD that always happen u need to be really fast or some guy come and say smile or love LOL and then u cant fdo anything

  3. the eye kills u if u stay here to the end of red zone it makes a lazer lol idk if i lie or not my friend said it

  4. What I see survivio cute but this video XD

  5. My theory is that firetto is part of the Illuminati which is why he is so good at this game

  6. For anybody that doesn't know how to find this bunker. Look on the map and look for a small red square. It can be hard to find but that means a bunker.

  7. Can I get a transcription? I can't use audio right now.

  8. I hate these players like you, morron. 🙂

  9. I think they wanna capture survivors and make them vampires…idk

  10. Or……maybe…..oh no…. DID THEY CREATE A GIANT BULLETPROOF MONSTER!?!?!?!

  11. You can find the usas-12 in the game mode I got a chicken dinner with dual desert eagles and the usas I got by killing someone both I found in the same round

  12. I think there is actually a story behind this Battle Royale. But I don't know what to say about the scientists. If anyone sees this tell me your stories 😀

    Or not…

  13. That eye what i see in video is from lord of the rings lol😂😂😂😂

  14. 6 built 6 found the first in the last out the eye shut but the eye sees? First in last out…. 6 bunkers or buildings…. The eye created everything. When u go in the water in this update theres a red point. The eye is watching u! It created the bunkers with special loot. The buildings with special loot. Whats next? A new bunker? U noticed in the bunker were 10 control pannels? 4 new bunkers? 4 new buildings? There is no chance to say whats right the eye products everything the eye is giving u presents in the bunker. Its proud of us.

  15. So wait. There are bunkers that were made by some people, like the ones who send the airdrops? And this bunker was the first one made and the last one to be found? What's up with the giant tree though?

  16. PARMA is the reason we have run from a freaking radioactive storm?

  17. Or maybe the survirs are the MODELS 1 through 94 which would explain why we don't get Insta killed by the zone. Maybe PARMA made a gun for every model.

  18. Did you meet someone in squads that was called KryssRO?

  19. Survivio Illuminati Confirmed

  20. Yo bob its me quad can u unban me from iHY chat lmao. My names QUAD R

  21. Just tell me what the egg bunker was I wasn't here to see it

  22. I dare you to beat this rules:no kills,no heals and no weapons

  23. Do you now my name on MUDDA 😂?

  24. I personally think that the eye personifies the red zone. The eye is shut but the red zone still sees. The first in the game and the last out of the game.

  25. In my opinion for some reason ixplode>ihasyou no offense XD

  26. i missed the best halloween event WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  27. ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyTHat wAs a ThRiLLeR

  28. In the greenhouse bunker theres a radio and i remember it saying "what lies within is not meant for mortal eyes" i think the eye is talking to us

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