- The Last Man Standing - The Last Survivor Perk ( Update & Highlights) - – The Last Man Standing – The Last Survivor Perk ( Update & Highlights)

Corrupt X
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If you are the last player alive in the 50v50 Gamemode, you obtain the Last Man Standing or “Last Survivr” Perk. You are given 8 MIRV Grenades, a level 4 Helmet and Bodywear, with an M249 and 8x scope. You are also given 3 specific perks from the previous Savannah Update. Takedown, Splinter Rounds and Cast Ironskin all in one. This is all well and good, but going against up to 50 players in total vs 1 player, there is still no chance unless you know how to survive, which I don’t.

This is One vs All!


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  1. Most stupid thing that u could do–reload when smb shot at u. U could kill him with melee

  2. last surviver is the best role 🙂
    like if you agreed

  3. i have been the last man standing 3 times and the most kills with it was 26! you?

  4. add a video in moomoo or surviv or diep called "the legend of corrupt x"

  5. To be honest, this perk sucks because Cast Ironskin makes you a bigger target, the M249 is a bad gun (yes I know this sounds stupid, but I have personally fisted Last Men to death because the M249 recoil is just insane). All you get when you are Last Man is a slow and big target. It should be more op, seeing that most of the time there are about 20 team members on the winning team and even if they do lose the winning team gets their own Last Man.

  6. i sadly was late for 50v50 and didnt get to play a single game 😢

  7. Remember me, iHASU&DF_Mangos, I played with u! That was fun.

  8. I missed you 🙁


  9. It's actually possible to have 2 or 3 lone survivrs on one team.
    Step 1: Knock yourself out with a barrel or self-damage (making ur teammate lone survivr)
    Step 2: Get him to revive you
    Step 3: Get him to knock himself out (making you lone survivr aswell)
    Step 4: Revive him
    And now you have 2 lone survivrs on one team.

  10. I once did a 1vs13 and got 13 kills win with awm and at that time there was no role like lone survivor

  11. usas-12 is better to win 5 vs 1. beacuse it explode and i killed 3 men with 1 usas-12 bullet

  12. When u are the lone survivor u get an m249 and PKP

  13. I don't get it ihasyou,ihavelocity,gamerio there all good but………you………are……….

  14. Corrupt X:
    Win 1 v 12? Easy!
    Win 1 v 8? Nope, too hard!

  15. I got takedown, cast ieonskin, and splinter rounds with an awm and m249 and did a 1v10. Happiest surviv moment ever. 3169 damage boiss
    And 15 kills

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