- The No-Weapons Challenge - Winning By Only Punching! - – The No-Weapons Challenge – Winning By Only Punching!

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When players carry no guns, they can only punch to deal damage. It’s not easy to kill people with your bare hands when they carry a gun. In this video I’ll win multiple games only using the Punch attack!



  1. Dona challenge where you can’t use health products like med kit soda and stuff

  2. My friend wanted us to go into squads pick up nothing but grenade and throw smoke and frags after that then run in and scream welcome to america!

  3. I can't even get a win i mean one your much better than me using punches!

  4. I did the same thing today, and it was hilarious xD
    Just stack up on a ton of sodas and pills so your the flash and nobody can hit you. It’s also good to hide and pounce when your enemy has a long range weapon equipped. They will get nervous and try to shoot you until they die from your punches. Also wait for someone to finish a fight so you have the advantage of more health. Nice video 👍

  5. Ты русский? Мастеров…

  6. It's depressing that he's a better player than I am, even without a weapon…

  7. So whats up with your name?

    Someone had to do it

  8. how tf is this game pracitcal in real life 8 punches dead
    like 15 m9 shots lives xd

  9. why is your nickname mg MASTEROB

    also you should do the blue gun challenge

  10. 1, why do you use this username?
    2, why is the video listed under F o r t n i t e videos?

  11. sayed without weapons no without ammo XD if you stole ammo some players had a problem s

  12. can you make grenade only challenge

  13. I killed 4 people that have fast guns and shot guns I use my fist lol

  14. the first game he played at the bottom it showed he had no bag but he did

  15. Shy,I have a QUESTION!

    I am here to ask about your username.

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