SURVIV.IO The TOP 75 MOST EPIC Moments | Part 1 -

SURVIV.IO The TOP 75 MOST EPIC Moments | Part 1

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Part 1 of 3 of The TOP 75 BEST Moments!

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  1. One I was so lucky I shot a myosin shot unperposly and killed a low full lvl3 armor with vectorplus a katana

  2. 4:33 pause here. On the left side of the screen there I a full heath tree with no guns underneath. But at 4:46 the tree became smaller and there was an m9 and ot38 there. There was a tiny opportunity for the guy to escape and he did.

  3. this game would be cool if there wasn't so much hackers

  4. The guy in the bush prob disconnected as soon as he joined late he went through the bush and disconnected us I'm pretty Sir he didn't have a weapon

  5. in this moment 4:38 him can run why him too take a phill before 4:16 look him and take a phill

  6. survive io wiki Brother's XDGAMER CHRISTMAS SKIN says:


  7. Nice subs and like minne 20 000 liks”*??!

  8. one time both me and my friend had sv 98s so we just decided to start shooting around and one time he knocked a guy and the shot after i knocked a guy

  9. I has you I think I know what happens in the player in the bush he left I mean I watched him I didn’t see him moving and besides how can a player move if ur watching him he left omg 😯

  10. I think that guy, the noob, he probably realized that if he wanted to make it out of the game alive on a bet or something he'd have to just quit the game. Cause like, bro, you finished the game alive, just you didn't finish to the end. NOOB!

  11. If anybody saw that the noob was in the party house skip to 4:50 in the vid and u will see him

  12. I love your vids please make more surviv vids!!

  13. dude in bush ran into building when he was off your screen I THINK

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