- The True Pacifist Challenge - Winning with 0 Kills and 0 Damage! - – The True Pacifist Challenge – Winning with 0 Kills and 0 Damage!

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How do you win a game without being able to fight anyone? Watch the video to find out how I managed to win with 0 kills and 0 damage. In one game I also won with 0 damage taken!



  1. Shyguymask: No killing to hurting, how am I going to win?

    Me: I have a DP-28 and a 15x scope with 200+ ammo, how am I going to win?

  2. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis says:

    One time I won with like 10000000000000000 damage taken 0 kills and 86 damage delt

  3. I once had the final 6 team, but once two people go off on their own, they kill each other and everyone fights. I was the first to die when someone killed me when nobody was watching!

  4. they are not scumbags the point of the game is to kill u fucking idiot

  5. 5:16 why not your a such of a killer lets be more peacefull and less agressive?

  6. Challenge – can you get 1 place but shoot only from pistols (dont use deagle)

  7. I'd bet the last guy and him joined at the same time until they were last ones.

  8. Well once I gave an axe to another, to be nice. He gave a gun to another and another joined, so our little solo squad hid together and we lasted until there were 3 others left. I love how some games draw us closer

  9. If I can just knock down but not kill others it would be much more easier

  10. Ive done this its really easy I even just survived 15s its so eady I even have an screenshot

  11. The clickbait is real since u said no damage taken lmao

  12. reference a undertale rote pacifist?

  13. hiding works but i use emoji or something to be friendly and they trust me thats pacifist/true pacifist

  14. Its like a kid named sans comes out with an M249

  15. i completed the challenge in sqauds and it was crazy

  16. This is the real impossible challenge just win with all 0 and the time 0 tho

  17. My friend just let me use all those good gun and he just follow me and heal me

  18. SGM, the guy who killed himself at the end? You should really praise him.

  19. so let me check
    0 kills
    o dameg delt
    0 dameg taken
    so its a 0.0001% chance of doing 0 dameg,kills,dameg delt

  20. Why didn't you pick up guns? Sure, you can't use them but they can.

  21. This is teaming but neutral
    You teamed just to be there

  22. i won a game with a m249 didnt even get to use it, 0 damage becuase i had more heals

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