- The True Pacifist Challenge - Winning with 0 Kills and 0 Damage! - – The True Pacifist Challenge – Winning with 0 Kills and 0 Damage!

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How do you win a game without being able to fight anyone? Watch the video to find out how I managed to win with 0 kills and 0 damage. In one game I also won with 0 damage taken!



  1. There is a easier way

    Go to the center of the safe zone
    hide in a bush nearby
    wait till there is only 1 guy left

  2. Reaper (or something else challange) you need to ein with 45+ Kills

  3. my friend hadley did this because the last two people besides him killed each other at the same time

  4. I and my friend did win in 12 sec. how? No players with us started XD

  5. Have you ever heard of "Bubble Tanks" by any chance?

  6. I already did this challenge and won

  7. Do the lazy challenge which means that you help any of your teammates in any situation and you let them do everything,a.k.a open a box fight enemies and others, once your teammate dies you can start opening boxes 4 urself and kill enemies

  8. That's pretty epic expert, Shyguymask-chan! You're such like pacifist master!

    But please do your let's play of Touhou Puppet Dance Performance. That could get you more subscribers and popular very fast.

    BTW, I am a good girl. Google is your friend.

  9. my way of surviving in the red zone is if me and last guy are "friends" at last circle i wait for it to colse in on me and right before it closes i go in the red zone so it damages me go back in to the safe spot medkit and than i start to heal like crazy. ez win if you have 4 medz ;D

  10. That’s not true pacifist my friend did it without telling other players to team by using smiley face you can’t even do it right he also did not break anything to get meds you used meds he didnt

  11. No I don’t see any problem with headshots, an instakill at full health seems perfectly reasonable.

  12. guys i did make a comment but i deleted it because i was just mad and i cursed and didnt make sense the comment

  13. Hey guys! Check the first video on my channel please

  14. Seems legit so once my squad had no kills and we only damaged others

  15. 【ᔕᑌᑭEᖇGᗩᗰEᒍᗩᑕOᗷ】 ツ says:

    The pacifist route

  16. SCUMBAGS ?! WHAT YA MEAN ? It's an easy kill and a supposed
    "Defenseless" player could be hiding a weapon

  17. That's what I do in everything. Hide until everyone kills each other, then hope I get lucky with the last person.

  18. wow incredible!(maybe I should try that challenge too)

  19. Achivement Got: No Damage , No Kills

  20. Pacifist method is a good way to see if the players aren't bots

  21. Well I do one of those things from the challange but not the other one…

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