- The Youtuber Squad - Dominating The Server & Best Moments - – The Youtuber Squad – Dominating The Server & Best Moments

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On Corrupt X’s Discord I assembled multiple Youtubers for a Squad. How good are they are the game? Watch the video for awesome moments.

Corrupt X:
JB Colombia: DopeMope:



  1. where is firetto he is better then all of you guys… not combind just better then all of you

  2. Wow all the best and most (SAVAGE) player of. io games

  3. what a team bro this look like hackers but its not hackers good team XD

  4. My computer lags so hard sometimes because my mom pays not that much internet

  5. The Enemey is dead and you

  6. Shyguy? Not so shy to be caise you getting AALLL the glory at 8:32.

  7. The most amount of kills I've gotten was 6. How many kills have you guys gotten?

  8. 7:30
    Shyguymask:yeeeeeh im a pro
    stalker:gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah dieeee!!!!!

  9. 7:40
    Shyguymask:oooooooooooooooh!!!! dodge!!!!

  10. When youtubers come together magical DESTRUCTION OCCURS!!!!!!!!

  11. Why does DopeMope keep dyeing! He must have had a really bad day today.

  12. DopeMope is a real noob without kills,and he died often

  13. He's a REAL NOOB BUT i watch his vids in his vids are he a pro but in a youtubersquad is he a real NOoB XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD

  14. You completed my thoughts cuz I was wandering for this lol

  15. Shyguymask é verdade que vc é primo do Matheus

  16. When you see a squad like this… oh noes….

  17. Wait shyguymask did surviv? what a legend(Also I knew this was old but this was REALLY ACTUALLY SO OLD)

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