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A pretty awesome theme.


  1. Dab was never a veggie it was a whole grain.

  2. Apex Legends: Fight or fright, Christmas event, Grand Soiree. etc
    Fortnite: 10 seasons and insane popularity
    COD: Just being a good battle royale i guess PoTAtoES

  3. thanks, I'll be doing a remix with this song ksks nice!

  4. And now Kongregate has started killing the game. Heartbreaking

  5. cheaters are playing this games ,no lifes and all bruh stfu

  6. With this music, you are in mode: I am focused and I will kill all my enemies and win.

    In the game part: POTATO

  7. this music BUFF me:
    -2x power
    -more realistic
    -feel like we a Doing impossibe mission
    -try hard mod
    -WARNING: only in GUN GAME
    -well playing math

  8. Reminds me of Santa Monica theme in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

  9. winner winner chicken dinner
    make your shots a little thinner
    i just won with 20 kills
    you should go and get some skills
    you were camping in a bush
    maybe i should go and push
    red zones coming in its hot
    killed someone i fricking fought
    persons gone, whered he go
    maybe he just had to go
    nevermind, hes right there
    bullets come and fill the air
    health is low, pop a pill
    this kid is the final kill
    loaded vector, dp 8,
    ammos not looking great
    throw away my shot, he wins
    gotta make my shots a little thin
    player peeks out hiding spot
    coming in's the final shot
    not so fast, throw a 'nade
    give this kid another fade
    players gone, win the day rap

  10. Oh yeah baby i love this

    I shouldnt say that

    Parma gonna get me

  11. this brings back memories

    i quit this game a little under 2 years ago now…

    it was fun while it lasted

    made some great memories

  12. 1.25x replay speed so good
    Should make a song out of this

  13. Still remember that gunshots, but congratulations, game back!!!!

  14. Too bad the game is gonna shut down soon, this will be the only way to hear the theme!

  15. This theme almost made me cry i started in 2018 to 2021 and i loved it Mosin was my fav gun and ill always remember this theme Goodbye soldiers❤😭

  16. This song used to play when you loaded However, this song did not become too popular among people and they instead rushed to the saloon (and later the club), where a much more upbeat, melodic song was found.

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