TRAPPING WOODS KING in HATCHET BUNKER! (Surviv 1 vs 1 Final Battle) - TRAPPING WOODS KING in HATCHET BUNKER! (Surviv 1 vs 1 Final Battle)

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During the woods mode on a few days ago, I came across the woods king in the final circle. Luckily I had the upper ground and he was trapped in the hatchet bunker. Did he manage to get out and who won?

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  1. i just played with someone called IHASYOU don't know if it was you, in desert, my name was myron

  2. Hey IHasYou, bro Which program do you use for cutting?

  3. "Reviving: Sub 2 IHY"
    that was me
    i love ur videos
    can i be in one plzzzzzz

  4. I has you you is my favorite please subscribe my kanal WIRTRON
    thanks you is god in surviv io

  5. I just started my channel. Can you guys pls watch the vids and give me feedback in the comments. I would really appreciate it:)

  6. If you see this comment, I think you spent a lot of time cutting the whole video so you have my respect

  7. Some ppl don’t realize how op Hawk 12 G is op its basically a SPAS with wider spread, more damage and no slow effect

  8. The code is all the real bunkers that actually exist in the game.

  9. I love your vídeos ❤❤❤ Wow 😍😍😂🙌🙌🙌😂😂🙋🙋🙋

  10. IHY are you also leaving surviv like if ur not

  11. i meet 5 teamer when i was the wood king and i die

  12. GG there is a person on AS server named IHASYOU AND HE IS SO NOOB PROBABLY NOT YOU…….

  13. Эх как ты так делаеш чтобы оно само бралось на компе скажы пж );

  14. iHASYOU is such a noob! cant even get 20 kills, nevermind 30

  15. iHASYOU, there is a person on discord claiming to be you, and he even has a channel called iHASYOU that isn't yours, please answer to this because I am wasting my time trying to figure out if it is him or not. Pls tell me if that is you or a fake person.

  16. ihasyou there is a troll face emote in surviv suvivor pss 2 item 23! and today IN savannah mode I 1v1 a bot and almost won he had dis much health I

  17. Ialso played desert with someone named i hasyou and my name was SAKUPEN.SERPENT

  18. Oh, Dude, are you playing in south kore server? I was playing with I HAS YOU.

  19. supiiii Video mate i rlly appreciate that !!!!

  20. Hi one question have you ever though of you do squad or solo but what will you like of you were teaming up with ihavelocity

  21. … IHASYOU killed me in that game! I was so mad! >:(

  22. хахахахахаххахахаххахахаххахахахахахахахаххахахахахахаххахахахаххахахаххахахахаххахахаххахахаххахахахаххахахахахаххахахахаххахахахах

  23. Gamerio vs İhasyou vs ihavelocity who win????

  24. Woods mode is hardest mode everyone gets scopes and good weapons but it’s a good mode for training. I got 10 kills in that mode and first place

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