UNDERWATER BUNKER LOOT, TIPS & TRICKS to WIN!! (Rare Coral Skin Gameplay) - UNDERWATER BUNKER LOOT, TIPS & TRICKS to WIN!! (Rare Coral Skin Gameplay)

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I spawned near the ocean and when entering a bunker…found the entrance to an underwater bunker on! Here is a quick guide on what you can expect to find inside if you haven’t come across it yet.

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Kevin MacLeod


  1. i once won a game with an m249 and a SV, no biggie if you know how rare they were but i only got them at the end

  2. how do you record the game with good game sound quality?

  3. I killed you once today and you killed me once

  4. your aim is bad, Coral skin isnt THAT rare but gg anyways.
    I once killed a M249 person with an M9 lol, his name was that bad and I ended up killing an Spas user with UMP9

  5. Clearly you don't have any idea how to use Mosin effectively lmao, try to lure him outside and get a scope, run from him for a little bit and then turn and shoot around, but your aim is bad so I suggest a spray weapon

  6. Don't waste ammo on crates unless the map is small and you have a shotgun, otherwise it's like hanging yourself long term in the game

  7. hey can you do the sniper combo like mosin and SV-98

  8. Comment what your favorite skin is! Mine is Coral Guise and the Arctic Avenger 🙂

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