USAS-12 In The Eye Bunker...+ Wierd Graphics Glitch! ( Gameplay) - USAS-12 In The Eye Bunker…+ Wierd Graphics Glitch! ( Gameplay)

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  1. bro if i ever run up on dopemope its a wrap as soon as u start turning around while fighting u getn clapped.

  2. Hey know how to get in that server the most players I’ve seen in it was 20

  3. English:Winner Winner chiken dinner
    Polish:mecz wygrany kurczak podany

    I from Poland

  4. Usas 12 is only good if u know how to use it never close range and works best with x8 or better and always carry a automatic never another shotgun or sniper cause it takes a while to reload but if you get the hand of it it's the best gun in the game easy.

  5. We understood Chisp is good. Now stop repeating it

  6. i thought i would be like weapons that are like the awms

  7. This guy cheating lmaoooooo 😂😂😂😂

  8. How does the Usas 12 works? the projectile blows up in your pointer?
    Or something else?


  10. Throwing grenades while circling a silo is a great strategy… time to steal it!

  11. The USAS12 is definitely not the second best gun in the game as it's damage is very low. It is more of a noobs weapon which requires less skill than, for example the scar H or the qbb 97 which have incredible accuracy.

  12. 2:40 This Guy Play MINECRAFT 20 Years And He Revolute Minecrant Cube :O

  13. Never mess with usas-12, he are a gun like fragment grenade

  14. Как тебя зовут я твой падпищик

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